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How to Target an A typical Clientele as a Real Estate Agent

By Beni Restea | May 16, 2022

Have you ever felt that you can’t take ads and commercials any longer? Imagine you turn on the TV to chill out after a long day’s work or simply wish to watch a video clip featuring your favorite rock band on YouTube. And then what happens? Uncalled ads keep on interrupting your entertainment. Day and night, at home or on our way to work, our senses and perception are bombarded by not-so-subtle advertisements, as being a real estate agent is difficult, and that's why many people use services like Sell My House ASAP Spokane if they have properties they need to sell.

When marketing backfires

Marketing is a thriving industry, but it frequently invades our privacy and personal space. People turn off the TV, switch the channel, or get AdBlock on their web browsers. Regular folks aren’t even remotely interested in most of the products or services marketed. In such cases, well-founded despair revolves around the idea that ads genuinely backfire on the title company. 

How can experienced local real estate agents and listing agents bypass this inherently defensive attitude consumers have assumed over the years? Join us to uncover some hidden psychological aspects of consumerism! And find out how we can benefit by combining them with some mind-blowing and efficient real estate marketing ideas for realtors in 2022!

Use psychology as motivation!

What type of clients qualifies as atypical? We call those people unusual buyers who initially didn’t even entertain the idea of buying a property. In their case, traditional offline and online marketing strategies aren’t worth a straw. They’re living comfortably in their comfort zone (primarily tenements), and the idea of a more elaborate real estate investment didn’t even cross their minds. Gen Z and millennials, we’re looking at you!

However, it’s only a matter of time. Targeting and selling the younger generation property can be interpreted as an act of kindness. Why do we say this? Everybody will want to establish a family at some point in their lives. Then renting an apartment won’t suffice anymore.

Almost the same psychological rules apply to the older generation. They might not even realize that a hard life’s work entitles them to own their own home. Buying a property or investing in a second home functioning as a vacation cabin or Airbnb is the ultimate best idea for their retirement plan. Thus, they can finally achieve financial stability and leave genuinely lasting valuables to their successors.

But where and how can we target those not interested in buying real estate? 

Subliminal messages and product placement

As we mentioned earlier, many people find ads intrusive. As a result, they assume offensive behavior against them by default, undercutting marketers’ best efforts. 

Conveying direct information into subconscious messages  

Subliminal messages can be a potential solution to fend off and pierce through this protective shield. In the film Inception, the protagonist manages to convince a deceased wealthy businessman’s son to sell the inherited company through dreams. Virtually, the central character enters the son’s dreams and implants the core idea of selling the enterprise into his mind. Like in the film, real estate agents can come up with subliminal and indirect messages, leading a potential buyer to give in to the idea of purchasing a property. 

Watching a scene with a brand and rush to buy

Product placement in Hollywood is an open secret. Producers often acquire a substantial sponsorship for their budget by showcasing well-known brands, such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Converse, Diesel, Nike, etc. As a result, filmmakers show scenes with products for a limited time or even a split second. In other words, a carefully planted product placement embedded the subliminal message into the viewers' imagination.

And here comes the most fabulous trick. The audience may not rush to the stores instantaneously after the film is over. The product placement psychology kicks in later when they start thinking about a given product’s benefits. A character in the movie (played by a world-class actor) enjoying a cold Pepsi or making a call on their brand new Samsung Galaxy will subconsciously trigger the viewer to buy the same item. In addition, the viewer might also wish to take after the fictional character from the film.

Expand your real estate clientele via subliminal advertising!

If we consider the formula above, anybody can become a potential real estate customer. Suppose a real estate agent wishes to boost their brand and increase sales. We recommend they try the upcoming ideas that aren’t classified as direct ads. Providing a list of resources, like the ones found on, can be quite helpful to customers too. 

Being present on home-maintenance forums

Homeowners turn to online forums to find effortless and cost-effective solutions for various property-related issues. Home improvements, repairs, and property facelifts are always trending. Such topics as DIY kitchen cabinet reinvention on a budget, home design trends for 2022, and how to create cheap recreation centers in their homes barely scratch the surface of their vast range of interests. 

Being an active “guru” on social forums and helping people with ideas can be pretty lucrative in the long run. Besides, providing a list of reliable home repair contractors and handypersons will score a jackpot for you. Therefore, you can establish yourself a name in your community. People interested in expanding their investment portfolio will soon find you. 

Blogging and vlogging

Users, viewers, and consumers like to receive needed information effortlessly. They focus on getting a viable answer quickly and free of charge. So, supply them with solutions, and you’ll obtain their trust. Blogging and vlogging are two essential formats of providing and acquiring real estate information and news. 

What should your original content include?

Still, you should go the extra mile and show your immediate  neighborhood and city in detailed descriptions (via your blog) and video material (vlog.) Cover your city’s history for art and history buffs! Present must-see places and sightseeing tours for thrill-seekers! Add a section on local real estate market trends to stir up interest in buying and selling homes.

Enhance locals’ and out-of-towners’ engagement

People genuinely enjoy watching and reading about their communities, and they will undoubtedly leave a comment. Therefore, you can achieve an effective engagement rate. 

And who else wants to read and see films about a new location? Tourists fancy exploring new and trendy hotspots. They most likely research the area by watching online content first. Once they are convinced about local economic opportunities and the abundance of open-air and indoor activities, they will surely entertain the idea of moving to the neighborhood. And that’s when you come into the picture. 

Launching online polls and quizzes on your website

Everybody is concerned about their neighborhood’s appearance. Working together with the Homeowner Association, you can initiate an online poll on how to improve the district. Many will feel compelled to share their opinions. Moreover, they will learn your name as someone honestly engaged in community well-being. 

Did you know that people like taking quizzes online to test their knowledge? If you have ever visited BuzzFeed, you’ll know what we’re talking about. The topic of the quiz is up to you. We suggest something of general interest, such as local history, trivia, tidbits on the economy, or perhaps did-you-know facts related to the city. Also, launch a quiz on the complex real estate financial procedures. Thus, you can generate more leads because you’ll have all the answers! The winner could take a gift card home or receive a real estate consulting free. You could offer a home evaluation to grab sellers’ attention and convert them into your leads.

Share helpful tips and personal stories on social media!

Did you really think that a list of helpful tips can be complete without mentioning Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, and Instagram? Since these four platforms boast enormous numbers of online followers, you also must come up with a unique strategy to target as many of them as possible. 

However, don’t assume an aggressive marketing approach with prominent ads and in-your-face messages. Instead, post useful how-to posts, personal stuff related to real estate, and unique properties. Intimate stories, funny pics, and vids generate engagement and enhance brand recognition.


We can include the following in the category of atypical clientele. Firstly, people born after 1990 (or Gen Z) may not have a reliable source of income but have a clear vision of their housing demands. Secondly,  the retired already own a home but purchasing a vacation home might be the best retirement present and a steady source of a second income. Then, millennials, many of whom haven’t left the family nest yet. We shouldn’t forget about tourists who may fall in love with a new place and decide to move there. 

The members of all these categories don’t actively consider buying (another) home. As a result, you have to lure them into the idea, applying the principle of subliminal yet clever messaging.

Beni is very passionate about real estate, finance and traveling, which is the motivating force behind the inspiring topics he writes about for
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