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How Smart Home Technologies Can Help Real Estate Agents

By Mike Wheatley | May 11, 2022

Smart home technologies are revolutionizing real estate. According to a recent study, about 69% of U.S. households have a smart home device. Out of the 83 million households with smart devices, 22 million homes have more than one smart home gadget.

smart home technologies

Homeowners are not the only people benefiting from smart home technologies. Realtors are also trying to capitalize on the emergence and development of this technology. They are using it to improve their prospects in the competitive real estate space.

As a real estate agent, how can you leverage smart home technology in your exploits? This post will explore smart homes, as well as how smart home technologies can help you close more and better deals.

What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a house with various internet-connected devices to monitor and manage it. Smart home tech allows homeowners to do more within a short period. These devices include automatic lighting, smart blinds, water leak detectors, and so on.

Automated Homes Are Charming Millennial Buyers

Real estate agents struggle to capture millennial homebuyers. However, this young generation is becoming more fascinated with smart home technologies.

Statistics show that about 47% of millennials have one or more smart home appliances. They are the key drivers of smart home technology. As a result, millennials are more interested in renting or buying smart homes.

Consequently, real estate agents now have an angle to charm the tough market segment of millennials.

Fully-Laden Smart Homes Are Selling  Fast

According to a recent study, the average home spends about 60 days on the market. Others may even take longer to sell depending on their condition, location, and price.

However, smart home technology can reduce the amount of time a property will stay in the market significantly.

Homebuyers do not like to install these devices in their homes. They are more interested in homes that are coming pre-installed with smart tech appliances.

The functionality of automated homes is intriguing to potential home buyers. As soon as they experience it, they want a house with smart home gadgetry.

Real estate agents can adopt this technology to improve their trade. Encouraging homeowners to install these devices on their properties will undoubtedly speed up home sales.

Since some homeowners are yet to interact with this technology, a real estate agent should be conversant with it. They can suggest the kind of tech that will help sell a property fast.

Smart Homes Are Fetching Higher Prices

Smart home products can increase the value of a home. If you ensure that the owner has upgraded their home with smart home appliances, you can sell it for more.

Homebuyers are willing to pay more for homes with smart home technology. Part of this is because smart devices are making homes more secure and efficient. The idea of giving an appliance a voice command to get something done is irresistible to most consumers.

If you have been looking for ways to boost the marketability of homes, smart home technology will make a difference in your business.

Smart Homes Are Attracting a Variety of Buyers

The competition in the real estate market makes it tremendously challenging to attract potential customers. Smart home technology is changing that trend gradually.

If you have recently installed smart home products in a home you are about to list, you are bound to attract a variety of buyers. Homebuyers want a unique product. They are willing to spend their money on homes with modernized features.

Homes with smart home devices are standing out in the market. When you list such a house, you can rest assured that buyers and more customers will show interest. Smart tech is prompting consumers to change their minds.

For instance, a client may come to you with a clear idea of what they want in a home. Once you show them the options available, they will tend to gravitate towards homes with the latest technology. These could include automatic lighting or state-of-the-art security features.

Types of Smart Home Tech

There is a wide array of smart home tech that can transform an ordinary home into a modern residence. In this section, we are going to look at the latest smart home technology.

Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Bluetooth shower speakers are a great selling point for millennials looking to buy a home. What's intriguing about this gadget is that it is powered by the water running out of the shower. Prospects who value their time in the shower could be interested in a home with this technology.

Smart Blinds

Whenever you wake up, you spend a minute or two drawing your curtains to let light in your house. Smart blinds are intelligent home devices. They sense light and open up automatically.

Smart blinds are appliances that most homebuyers would value. Pre-installing this in a home for sale will raise its market profile. It helps you capture the attention of your clients and close deals faster.

Smart Fans

When it is hot, most people rely on fans to cool down the air. Operating the fan manually is sometimes frustrating.

Smart fans are automatic. Once you install them, you can depend on them to sense the temperature in your home and re-adjust accordingly. They are a great addition to homes in hotter areas.

Water Leaks and Mold Detectors

Besides security, homebuyers desire to live in a healthy environment. For this reason, you can convince your partners to install home water leaks and mold detectors such as Wally.

These are smart devices with capabilities to detect the growth of mold, water leaks, and changes in humidity. Homebuyers can count on this tech to uncover water leaks and deal with them before they become a health hazard.

A prospective buyer who is allergic to mold will see the value of such a smart appliance. This can allow you to build rapport with the client and close the sale quickly.

Air Conditioner

Homes with old air conditioners mean that users have to adjust the system to suit temperature changes. Smart home devices such as Aros ensure that homeowners don’t do much. Instead, the appliance detects temperature changes and readjusts itself.

The best part is that homeowners can control this gadget via their smartphones. This AC also monitors its energy consumption and generates a comprehensive report. As a result, homeowners can keep their energy bills in check.

Additionally, these gadgets improve the comfort of a home. From a real estate agent's perspective, this is the kind of smart tech worth installing in a house. Mentioning it in your listings can boost your chances of selling a home.

Digital Water Heaters

Homeowners want reliable water heating systems in their households. If you can provide such solutions to your products, you will increase your chances of closing deals.

Heating systems such as Heatwork see to it that homeowners do not have to contend with a lack of hot water, low pressure, and leaks. During a house tour, showing your potential clients how this system functions can raise the profile of the property. It gives you an edge once you start engaging in-home price negotiations.

Keyless Security Systems

While securing homes with lock and key has been the norm, misplacing or losing keys is always a possibility. Apart from that, a malicious individual could duplicate keys to gain access to a home. Keyless security systems are now part of the revered smart home tech.

According to HomeSafe.Org research, consumers are showing more interest in home security systems. The study estimates that 37 million US households will have a home security system by 2023.

Smart locks are devices that alleviate the need to have a key. Instead, homeowners can use their mobile phones to let visitors inside their homes. Extending invitations and withdrawing them is just one tap away.

These security systems are invaluable in modern home settings. Moreover, they provide an incredible real estate agent's home selling point.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a feature that most home buyers want. It incorporates various aspects such as automatic bulbs. You step into a room and the lights go on, they go off when you leave.

Another exciting aspect of smart lighting is the wireless dimmer switches. Homeowners can change the color of their lighting as they please.  On top of that, they can sync lighting with their favorite music.

What's more, is that you can schedule smart lights to come on whenever you want. It is the type of smart tech that can entice your potential customers and help you close the sale.

Smart Home Real Estate Is the Future

Today home buyers are keen on simple upgrades. Their focus is on smart devices that can add value and convenience to a household. Smart home technologies are the answer to many of their needs.

Smart home tech can mitigate dangers, anticipate maintenance requirements, manage resources, and prevent damage.

Most importantly, smart home for real estate exchange is a leading competitive advantage.  In the coming years, almost everybody will want to live in a smart home.

Leverage Smart Home Technologies

As a real estate agent, you can help homeowners sell their homes fast. On the other hand, you can ensure your clients are getting modern living spaces for their loved ones. Smart home technologies encompass everything the modern buyer wants in a household.

If you have been looking for ways to gain a competitive edge in the real estate market, advice your partners to invest in smart tech. Visit this site or contact us to learn more about smart house technology.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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