The Must Haves For Accessible Housing

By Regina Gables | November 22, 2019
Many people are now growing accustomed to seeing accessibility adaptations out in public, such as accessible parking spaces, ramps into buildings, and more. However, not everyone knows how to make their own homes accessible for the people in their life that may need it. Disability is more common than most realize - there are two […]
Home Buying

How Much Is Your Inherited Home Worth?

By Regina Gables | November 14, 2019
It doesn't happen especially often, but every now and then, someone will find themselves the new owner of a home through inheritance. The top three reasons that people engage in estate planning are to avoid probate, minimize discord among beneficiaries, and protect children from mismanaging their inheritances. During the estate planning process, someone may leave […]
Home Buying, Residential

Behind The Houses: A Closer Look At Living Tiny

By Regina Gables | November 4, 2019
From HGTV to reality, tiny homes are popping up in communities and cities around the nation. These unique forms of housing push minimalism to the max, with entire families living in spaces sometimes as small as 500 square feet. But what about tiny homes has appealed to so many, and what continues to make them […]

How To Make An Old Home Feel New Again

By Regina Gables | October 27, 2019
Plenty of would-be home buyers love the idea of moving into a newly constructed home that's designed to modern perfection. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 612,000 newly constructed homes were sold in 2017. However, not every couple looking to buy their first home can afford these often expensive constructions. Instead, they're forced to settle […]
US Real Estate

Millennials Are Risking Their Retirement To Buy Homes

By Regina Gables | September 23, 2019
According to a recent survey, owning a home makes you happy. In fact, nine out of 10 homeowners reported that owning a home made them happier than renting. It's no surprise, then, that national homeownership rates reached 64.2% at the end of 2017. But that doesn't mean that everyone can afford to buy their own […]
Home Buying

Will Adding a Pool Increase Your Home's Property Value?

By Regina Gables | September 14, 2019
When we decide to invest in home renovations, our main goal may be to make a property more functional our family or more in-keeping with our personal preferences. But it's also important to consider whether these changes will actually add tangible value to the home itself. For example, a recent Zillow analysis revealed that homes […]
Real Estate Investing

The Most Expensive Mistakes Of Beginning Real Estate Investors

By Regina Gables | August 28, 2019
Plenty of people, particularly millennials, have shown significant interest in investing in real estate, and it isn't hard to see why. With plenty of options available for ways to invest, it can be appealing as a form of investment to a variety of demographics. Many people have also found success through investing; a survey by […]
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