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Can’t Escape the Chores: an Essential To-Do List for Realtors

By Beni Restea | December 21, 2022
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A realtor’s career implies a genuine journey jazzed up by brand-new challenges, adrenaline-fuelled missions, and (last-minute, but ultimately) glorious closings. In the meantime, your people skills get sharpened as you meet the most intriguing clients. And would you believe it? All of them require special treatment. 

Don’t succumb to excessive aggrandizement!

From this superficial description, you might conclude that agents share standard features with superheroes and thrill-seeking spies. Don’t believe all the fabricated myths surrounding the industry, though! The most experienced local real estate agents will testify that behind a well-constructed career stand strenuous work, such as a thoroughly planned marketing strategy

Though the initial realtor portrayal applies to reality (to a certain extent), you must also tick the box with the (not so-fascinating) to-do list. So rookie agents (and not only them) attention! Before jumping into the action, let’s dive deep into the mandatory tasks and chores you must undertake!

Branding leads to personal success.

Suppose you completed the mandatory courses and obtained your license. However, you should build your personal success story through branding and networking before becoming an actual agent! 

Enjoy the fruits of early networking!

You can network like a pro by simultaneously being present online and offline. Firstly, reach out to your family and friends, and let them know they can turn to you regarding any real estate-related issue. 

Did you know that most of your potential future clientele has already started thinking about buying or selling a property? And we’re not speaking about Gen Zers, known for their indecisiveness. By spreading the news in time, they will remember you when it comes to doing real business.

Discover the blessings of business plan templates and real estate branding!

Branding means establishing your target audience and future scope of action. Will you represent home buyers, sellers, rent-hunters, or everybody you encounter? How many listings are you willing to maintain? What is the region you provide your services at? Will you cater to the most unique needs or the most profitable real estate niches? 

In addition, you must specify all your office must-haves, such as printers, scanners, laptops, and other supplies. The best course of action is to download a business template and fill in the fields so no details will escape your attention!

Besides, it would be best to define what separates you from your business rivals. Point out all the advantages your customers will enjoy by working with you and not someone else! You can include all these entries in your ‘career-kickstarter’ realtor bio!

Explore the area you will represent!

Neighborhood exploration is a crucial part of branding and networking. And it’s a must for every aspiring agent. You can’t adequately represent and describe a community without knowing its ins and outs like a pro! And the ultimate solution to achieve this goal is to “get down and dirty.” 

We recommend you make an effort and make new acquaintances with Regular Joe on the streets. In the meantime, hand out business cards, pamphlets, and brochures! You can’t miss this unique opportunity! 

Find out what the ordinary people think about the local economy, job market, housing options, schools, and recreational activities. Plus, grab reliable equipment, such as a bleeding-edge mobile, camera, and sound recorder, and record everything (obviously, if your interviewees consent to this.) Thus, you’ll discover your community inside out. 

Now, what will you do with this fantastic material?

Showing off your neighborhood know-how!

You must organize this precious data into categories. And you shouldn’t neglect any of them! The more informative and trustworthy material you gather, the merrier your career will get in the long run. 

Put crystal-clear and expertly cut video footage together!

For starters, take the video and audio materials! If you’re not 100% sure about your footage and sound editing skills, seek out a professional’s help. Trust us, there are few more exquisite downers than lousy video and sound quality. They can genuinely deter your users from watching and following your content. 

Besides, we recommend you stay focused on the video length! Short videos perform better than excruciatingly long ones. 

Secondly, take the competently assembled video material and upload it to the best social media platforms. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are still considered the trendiest and most productive tools. Suppose you don’t get burned by social media mistakes. In that case, these terrific social media tools can substantially boost the number of your leads and sales!

Words should come easy!

In the 21st century, hardly anyone reads, don’t they? Wrong! Don’t limit your writing skills to pure (and frankly, quite dull) real estate listings! Many online users prefer going through your written content, and a property’s detailed and involving presentation is much appreciated.

Then, others are interested in discovering new housing trends, region-specific architecture, cuisine, popular venues, and the local economy. By all means, no one expects you to cover all these topics. 

However, real estate blogging can be a bonafide weapon in your hands! Even if you suffer from time constraints, you can always employ a sharp-minded blogger to deliver premium real estate content. Success will only elude you if you post relevant articles online! A bit too harsh? 

What can unique content do for you?

Publishing online content will most certainly engage a broader real estate audience. People will come to seek out your advice! In your blog articles, you can cover many real estate-related subjects that will help you increase your expertise in various areas. 

Search engines will inevitably value your site, blog, social media, and real estate agent profiles. As a result, you receive a stellar SEO ranking, which will grow your online traffic organically!

Find a reliable and established real estate brokerage! 

In your early career, you must consider which real estate brokerage to join with the best commission split. What qualifies as a top real estate brokerage? An exceptional firm has established a good reputation, offers solid peer support for beginners, and boasts longstanding agents. Why are they paramount? Because they can undeniably enhance your efficiency and long-term development!

Bond with and learn from veteran realtors!

Bonding with other and preferably more experienced agents can also help your career. If you’re lucky, they will share some precious experiences and life lessons you can’t find in books. Besides, they can inform you where you should look for resources.

Invest energy and care in your online business representation!

In the next step, you should build a website that showcases your professional services. Note! We don’t recommend mixing up posting social media entries with a representational website! Suppose you start posting listings on your personal Facebook profile instead of your site. Then, you may lose many friends who are not interested in that topic. There is a place and time for everything!

Then, you must seek online representation and more considerable exposure, such as real estate directories, to boost your chances even further!


As you must have noticed, the early stages of your career require much mental work and extensive legwork on your behalf. Still, if you saw, launching your real estate path doesn’t demand a fortune, only creativity and diligence. The part with more substantial marketing expenses comes in the bigger picture later.

Remember: always plan and devise your next move! Nevertheless, you can successfully lay the foundation of your future real estate empire as an agent by following these must-do things!

Beni is very passionate about real estate, finance and traveling, which is the motivating force behind the inspiring topics he writes about for
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