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How to Effectively Run a Real Estate Marketing Campaign: The Best Tools and Methods to Get Results

By RealtyBiz News | March 28, 2023

With 40 million people on the move each year, there's a clear need and market for real estate professionals. But if you're trying to build your client base and sell homes for top dollar, you'll need to build your brand. That's where a robust real estate marketing campaign can let you and your properties shine.

Keep reading to learn how to put together the best real estate marketing ideas to get results!

Create a Polished and Responsive Website

Homebuyers seeking a real estate agent will want to hire someone with experience, connections, and a sense of professionalism. That's why the first step in real estate marketing needs to be creating a website. Whether you work alone or as part of a team, you'll need a digital home base.

Create an engaging landing page with optimized graphics and a clear menu. Highlight your experience on a biography page with a professional headshot. A brief video introduction can be an excellent way to connect with visitors and make a positive first impression.

Share testimonials from happy clients and, of course, include the latest listings. You may want to link to other listing sites and feature images on a designated listing page on your site.

Your website should be graphically appealing and easy to navigate. Most importantly, it should be optimized for mobile devices. Most people will be checking your site from their phones, so you want the pages to load quickly.

Showcase Your Expertise

To build your brand as a trusted agent, you'll need to give potential clients a glimpse of your expertise. This means sharing your real estate knowledge base in accessible ways.

For example, you can create a blog on your website that you update at least once a week. Use posts to offer insights about the housing market in your area. Or talk about school districts, the economy, and parks to highlight popular neighborhoods or districts.

Weave search engine optimization (SEO) into your blog posts and website, as well. With SEO, you'll embed targeted keywords that will help generate interest from viewers. With a well-executed SEO strategy, your website can pop up higher in Google search engine results.

As another way to share your knowledge, consider hosting a webinar. This is a great way to educate your audience on critical topics like pre-approval, credit scores, and home inspections. You'll be able to provide an educational service while demonstrating your ability to communicate well.

Expand Your Presence on Reputable Sites

Whether you're a new or experienced agent, you'll need to make your mark online. Out-of-state homebuyers will look online to find a good agent and potential home, after all.

When you start getting clients, you'll want to market their homes on national and local real estate sites. You'll gain more traction with your listings if they feature the sharpest photographs and videos.

It can be worth investing in drone footage to offer walk-through tours. Make sure your descriptions of properties are grammatically sound, detailed, and energizing. Remember, you're trying to sell the best aspects of a home!

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Real estate social media marketing can be an effective method to engage with potential clients. Set up a business profile and use it to post new listings. Toss out questions to generate conversations and respond to any comments.

Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to post video messages, too. Use these messages to give a tour of a new house that's just come on the market. Provide statistics about recent home sales, or introduce members of your real estate team.

You also can invest in paid social media marketing. Use Facebook ads, for instance, to target specific demographics. If you're hoping to sell new urban condos, set the ad's target range to include younger professionals.

Include high-resolution images in your ads, as well as links to relevant landing pages. Make sure the lighting and camera angles do justice to each room or landscape. And use editing software to brighten and adjust colors.

After you've had an ad run, review the analytics to make sure it's having the impact you want. Make tweaks to fine-tune your ad parameters and attract the right interest.

Follow Up with Clients

Remember that past clients can always become future clients. When you sell a house, don't end the relationship. Instead, help your client get situated with a neighborhood guide or how-to book for first-time homeowners. Stop by in a few months to check and see how they're doing.

After more time has passed, send postcards and emails featuring the latest real estate market trends. And incentivize the possibility of buying again — and choosing you as an agent. Quarterly mailings and small holiday gifts can be a great way to stay front of mind with past clients.

Give discounts or incentives, such as prizes, for referrals. You may even want to host an annual party to keep your oldest and newest clients interested in your services. This can be the perfect platform to share listings, promotions, and other reasons to stay in touch.

Run a Successful Real Estate Marketing Campaign

A strong real estate marketing campaign invests in creative, clear, and consistent communication. Build your web presence with a polished website and social media profile. And use print and digital marketing techniques to share listings and follow up with clients.

Ready to put the best real estate marketing strategies to work? Visit our site to learn about the latest industry trends so you can be successful!

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