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How To Move Cross Country Without Going Broke

By RealtyBiz News | January 26, 2023
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There are many variables you need to consider when moving cross country. These include the number of items you are moving, where you are relocating to, and the service options available. This makes it difficult to estimate how much it will cost. However, you can adopt a few strategies to make your move affordable. Read on to find out!

1. Declutter and Donate Your Stuff

The more things you have, the more costly it is to move cross country. Moving allows you to take an inventory of your items and set aside what you don't need. The more you declutter, the less you have to pack. This will also reduce transport costs.

One way to eliminate excess stuff is by donating it to a local charity. You could also consider a garage sale if you have some valuables that will make you extra cash.

2. Enlist Your Family and Friends

The task of packing and moving can be much easier if you enlist your family and friends. This is a great alternative to hiring a moving crew.

When you have people to help you move, you will load everything into your car or rental truck much faster. Furthermore, your family and friends may assist you with moving supplies. They will also help you unpack everything when you arrive at your new home. This will save you a lot of money in packing supplies and moving labor.

3. Move During Off-Peak Season

The ideal time to move cross-country is between September and November. During this season, the prices are low since fewer people are moving. It is quite expensive to move during summer because many families are trying to settle before a new school year.

Other convenient times to move include a weekday and in the middle of the month when the demand for movers is low. Furthermore, some movers offer reduced rates during slow seasons.

4. Take Advantage of Moving Discounts

Another smart way to make your cross-country move cheap is to ask for available discounts. For example, military moving services have special offers for veterans, service members, and their families. Research what discounts reputable brands are offering. You might even stumble upon a coupon for a moving truck.

5. Look for Free Moving Boxes and Supplies

Cutting moving costs also involves acquiring as many free moving supplies as possible. You can ask your family and friends to help you with moving boxes. Also, consider asking for used boxes, packing tape, and packing paper from online marketplaces, local retailers, and community groups.

Some places you could get free moving supplies include U-Haul Box Exchange, Craigslist, and recycling drop-off points. Don't forget to check for boxes at local schools and offices.

6. Hire a Professional Moving Service

Packing your things without professional help may prove more costly than you think. First, you need to take time off work. You will also get exhausted, which will affect your productivity. 

Additionally, if you cannot get free moving supplies, some movers offer these supplies at a low cost. Professional movers are skilled and experienced in packing; therefore, you don't have to worry about damage to your stuff. Also, the movers will not only pack your stuff but also load it on their moving truck and unpack everything when you arrive at your new home.

When choosing a moving service, don't be afraid to negotiate. You can gain negotiating confidence by gathering multiple quotes. Use these quotes in your negotiations with competitors. Ask whether you qualify for discounts based on your memberships, age, or military status. Additionally, inquire whether there are services you can remove to reduce the quoted price.

7. Rent a Portable Moving Container

You can cut the cost of transporting your stuff by renting a portable moving container. These containers are large and will be appropriate if you have a lot of things. You can order several containers or ask your moving company to arrange them. The moving company will estimate the number of storage boxes you need based on the size of your home. After packing up these containers, call the moving company when you are ready to go.

8. Ship Your Stuff

Shipping is a cheap moving alternative if you only have a small amount of stuff. The freight company will give you a flat rate for moving all your things. The shipping service will also move your car. You can ship items through FedEx, USPS, and UPS. For larger objects, you can use shipping services online such as 

In Conclusion

You can forecast the cost of your cross-country move by looking at the average moving costs for the size of your home. Labor is a significant factor in determining the cost of your move. Additionally, long-distance movers consider the distance traveled and the volume of your items to determine moving prices. The most accurate way to establish the cost of your move is to gather multiple quotes. After estimating your moving costs, follow the above tips to make your cross-country move more affordable.

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