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How to save money in a metropolis?

By Beni Restea | November 19, 2021

We all presume that life in a metropolis costs notoriously much more. Is it indeed a reality or just an unfounded myth? Saving money while enjoying the perks of living in a big city to the fullest might seem a tough nut to crack, but it’s far from impossible. Let’s join forces as we set out to uncover the truth. Have prices skyrocketed, or can we try more low-cost alternatives to get along decently in an asphalt jungle?

Don’t worry, we won’t go as far as suggesting you to buy cheap and bad-quality food or beverages. Nonetheless, you should most definitely consider things before moving to a metropolitan area, such as the job market your new location provides. And also, come up with a plan B if everything goes south.

Knowing the city in-depth will help you pay the bills

You must have heard all sorts of pros and cons about living in the city. Still, you let yourself be convinced about moving into one, mainly because they promise a large variety of conveniences, a rich social network, and unparalleled career opportunities. That’s true, but they all come at an expense, in the form of your monthly bills. You should make some inquiries about the new city, your future playground! By doing so, you can anticipate every challenge with a smile on your face since you have already come up with an adequate solution! Traffic jams and costly fuel? You won’t care because you’ll be taking the subway or bus anyway. High cost of living? You’ll find a smaller apartment. Speaking of which ...

Let’s shack you up with a cheap rental

Let’s suppose you’ve just got to the city and have nowhere to go. First of all, you will need a cost-effective rent in the metropolis. Downtown condos cost more, so you might wish to choose a good neighborhood, an off-center district, if you wish. Don’t be alarmed though, not every unpopular area has poor crime rates and a lousy reputation in social life. Public transportation is reliable, and you can find plenty of outdoor activities to work on enlarging your entourage. 

Finally, it all comes down to your willingness to compromise. The more special household commodities and conveniences (no large TV, HiFi system, or postmodern paintings) you give up, the more affordable rentals you can get. So no gorgeous looking view to the ocean or skyline, ample space, or natural lighting for you if you decide to save for your future. Don’t get us wrong; no one expects you to lead an ascetic life rough spartan style! There are countless and budget-friendly awesome ideas to raise your living room decor. Implement them and turn your condo into an ultimate 

Maximize your lease

You can renegotiate your lease with your landlord. If they don’t lower your rent, it will take an uncertain time to find another tenant. In other words, they can lose money. Ultimately, it makes sense to lower the rent taking into account their long-term financial plans too. For instance, they can share a portion of utility bills with you, effective rent repairs in time, or you doing work around the apartment in exchange for rent credits. Anyhow, any of these alternatives can bring you some money (even if indirectly), or make your stay even more pleasant. Either way, it's a win-win!

In addition, a roommate can significantly reduce the financial burdens off your shoulders. (And, rarely, they mean trouble by leaving their socks all around the apartment). 

If you run out of ideas, call a real estate agent in your area to get precious intel on low-cost rental or house-purchasing options in your neighborhood. Checking out the social media and topic-related groups might also assist you in finding a low-priced apartment.

Try living according to the Budget

Most lifestyle gurus and modern-day influencers highly recommend establishing a well-made monthly budget, which is meant to keep your income and expenses in check. However, have these monthly plans worked out for anyone? The specialists have absolutely no idea about hidden costs and unforeseen spendings you face every day (not just once in a blue moon). 

So, will you make a new blueprint, another sophisticated financial plan after every unexpected social outing, friends asking for a loan, higher monthly bills, or even an unforeseeable underwear shop tour? See? Of course not. By all means, you can try and see how new uncalculated expenses will affect you. Still, one can give it a shot and add a unique factor to their budget filed as unidentified expenses.

Shop smart

Although we genuinely support local manufacturers, restaurants, and shops, there comes a time when you must tighten your belt. For this reason, we recommend buying items of everyday use online in bulk. Trusted online shop platforms will always offer discounted rates for their premiere clientele. Search for discount codes and Black Friday deals! Also, the best online shops will appreciate a five-star review (if they deserve it), and might hand out bonus points for your next purchase.

Being an environmentalist saves money

Do you believe putting change aside is a petty thing? You will thank us later when you realize that even the smallest amount can turn into a lifesaver in the long run! So, be your own hero by

cutting back on futile costs, such as gas money (use means of urban transportation). Avoid pointless energy consumption by turning your electrical devices off when not used. Though smart home devices require a minor investment from you, sooner or later, they will save money, and perhaps our environment too! Discover the advantages of eco-friendly light bulbs, thermostats, and ambient devices. And set the perfect setting with a 100% natural and nonpolluting interior design on a budget. Go green! 

Economize by serving your own food!

Fast food has its conveniences, such as you can spare time on preparing them. The price of fast food contains the costs of manual labor, which you can save. On the other hand, home meals prepared with fresh vegetables and fruits are so much healthier! So, why don’t you try shopping at an asian grocery online and make your own home-cooked meals instead? 


You don’t have to feel blighter if you try to save money on anything. There is a hidden world (from Instagram or Facebook) of endless and inexpensive possibilities, alternatives to otherwise fancy and overpriced commodities. Visiting free events doesn’t imply a drop in cultural or artistic merits. And a metropolis indeed revels in them! Watch how nonconformist artists perform in public affairs, and you will know what these lyrics genuinely mean!

“We don’t need your money, money, money

We just wanna make the world dance

Forget about the price tag”.

Beni is very passionate about real estate, finance and traveling, which is the motivating force behind the inspiring topics he writes about for
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