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JPAR® Celebrates the Success of JPAR Wellness and Embarks on a Transformative Journey Toward Comprehensive Agent Benefits

By RealtyBiz News | November 7, 2023

JPAR®, a leading real estate brand, proudly announces the launch of JPAR Wellness, an integral part of the innovative Whole Health Organization (WHO) initiative, as a comprehensive three-part rollout of agent benefits. On the heels of a successful owners’ event, this launch demonstrates that JPAR is at the forefront of revolutionizing how real estate professionals are supported and reinforcing its commitment to the overall well-being of its network of over 4,000 agents nationwide.

The initial phase, JPAR Wellness, was introduced on October 1. It brought valuable services, including 24/7 access to wellness advisors, discounts on essential services, insurance coverage, and customizable packages. This initiative exemplifies JPAR's dedication to supporting its network. In just over 30 days, the program provided over $5 million in life and accidental death policies at no cost to agents. It demonstrates JPAR’s commitment to nurturing a more resilient and professionally developed community of leaders through its three-phase program.

The JPAR owners’ event was an inspiring platform to showcase how JPAR connects with, checks in on, and brings its network together to help them grow professionally and become better leaders. It also emphasized the integration of the wellness program into the franchise model, providing franchise owners with a powerful new tool for recruiting new agents. This new health insurance program underscores JPAR's commitment to caring for its agents.

“JPAR Wellness is a major win for brokers and agents, their families, and the communities where they live and work. We are bringing benefits normally only available to salaried employees at large corporations to every single agent in our network,” said Laura O’Connor, President and COO, JPAR Affiliated Network. “What sets JPAR apart stems from our open and constructive mastermind sessions, where we actively listen to our network's needs and ideas. I take immense pride in our team's commitment to integrity and readiness to invest in our entire network, even in a market where others might use challenges to cut back on support and service. It represents our dedication to a thriving real estate community."

The excitement among brokers/owners regarding the launch of the JPAR Wellness program is undeniable proof of JPAR's commitment to a network-driven approach. As the program gains momentum, agents have already begun to embrace this benefit, taking full advantage of its invaluable services. The registration and adoption among agents are a testament to the program's immediate impact, illustrating their eagerness to prioritize their well-being. The program's success exemplifies how JPAR harnesses invaluable feedback and insights from its annual events.

"As an affiliated owner, I've witnessed firsthand the incredible power of our collaborative events and mastermind sessions. JPAR consistently takes the time to listen to our network, and it's through these interactions that remarkable initiatives like the JPAR Wellness program have come to fruition,” said Adrienne Gill, Broker/Owner, JPAR® -  Gulf Coast.  “This program reflects the true spirit of partnership, where our voices are heard and valued. It's another example of JPAR's unwavering dedication to its agents' and owners' success and well-being. I'm excited to see how our feedback drives positive change within the industry."

The core of JPAR Wellness is the profound belief in the importance of holistic health and well-being for every agent. The program, developed in strategic partnership with Avibra, introduces a wide array of benefits at no cost to JPAR agents:

24/7 Access to Wellness Advisors: Through a user-friendly app, agents will have round-the-clock access to dedicated wellness advisors, ensuring they receive the guidance they need for their physical and mental well-being.

Discounts on Essential Services: JPAR agents will enjoy discounts on prescription medications, debt counseling, housing counseling, and credit counseling, empowering them to effectively manage their finances and health.

Insurance Coverage: In most states, agents will receive $10,000 in Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance and $1,000 in life insurance, providing peace of mind and financial security.

Customizable Packages: Agents can personalize their wellness journey by choosing affordable health and wellness, debt management, and income enhancement products, all available for just $1 per week.

This groundbreaking launch marks the continuation of JPAR's dedication to its agents' well-being. Upcoming phases, set to debut in the coming months, include:

JPAR Health: Offering heavily discounted medical, dental, and vision plans, further enhancing the health coverage options available to JPAR agents.

JPAR Wealth: Providing agents with programs and pathways to manage their financial well-being, create regular income streams, and plan for retirement, solidifying JPAR's dedication to the economic success of its agents.

"No other brand is stepping up like JPAR to address the whole health of every agent,” said Chris Sears, President, JPAR® - Real Estate. We are committed to helping them build and develop their business as a sellable asset and ensuring they can care for their personal health and the wellness of their family no matter what life throws their direction."

Visit to learn more about becoming a JPAR® - Real Estate agent and the benefits offered to its network of real estate professionals.

About JPAR® Affiliated Network: ( JPAR’s affiliate platform empowers independent brokerage owners nationwide to tap into the programs, platform, network, and guidance of one of the nation’s leading growth brands. Owners can access the same benefits that helped the flagship operations grow to a market-leader position for a set flat fee. The onboarding process and personalized business coaching have proven effective for both startups and conversions, with agent growth typically more than doubling in the first year after affiliation.

For more information about JPAR® Affiliated Network, please visit

About JPAR® – Real Estate: JPAR® – Real Estate: ( is a full-service real estate brand and franchise platform offering a highly competitive transaction fee-based model and an agent-centric culture. The JPAR® platform provides agents seven (7) days-per-week support, a comprehensive tech stack, marketing, lead generation, training, and mentoring. JPAR® affiliated owners benefit from compliance review, 1-on-1 consulting, recruiting support, and a peer network of influential industry leaders. The company boasts more than 4,000 agents operating in 65 offices across 25 states and closes over $8B annually in sales volume.

For more information about JPAR® - Real Estate, visit their website at

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