Free Webinar Explores Investing in Mortgage-Free Real Estate

mortgage-free real estateReal estate investment adviser and speaker Ted Thomas  has just released a new webinar on his website to help people become educated about the different types of investments in mortgage-free real estate that are available to them. Ted Thomson taps into his over 25 years of industry expertise to teach the free webinar and educate the public about investing in this market. The top investment speaker has previously authored more than 30 books on the topic of mortgage-free real estate, exploring the investing strategies employed by successful real estate agents when buying properties at discounted sale prices.

This latest webinar is accessible entirely online, from any device with an Internet connection, thus offering an alternative to books and strategy guides.

“Personal investments in stocks, businesses and other high-risk industries do not come with a guarantee,” said Ted Thomas in his webinar. “Those that can invest wisely in property and other forms related to real estate could find these types offer less risk when used correctly according the new online webinar.”

Along with the free webinar, Ted Thomas has also launched a new book online, the Tax Deductible Retirement book, addressing those who are nearing retirement or already retired. It teaches people to make smart choices with their available money when it comes to planning retirement investments.

For more information on the free webinar and all the books authored by Ted Thomas, visit his official website.

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