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Paul Bulau’s Take on Investing in Real Estate With a Purpose: Affordable Housing for All

By RealtyBiz News | September 25, 2023

All too often, real estate investors see rental properties purely as a way to support their bottom line. But if you ask entrepreneur Paul Bulau, it’s much more than that — investing in rental properties gives you the opportunity to work toward the goal of affordable housing for everyone. If more investors took this approach, it would be a step in the right direction for any community.

Supporting Greater Quality of Life

As the owner of 10 rental properties, Paul Bulau feels an obligation to provide high-quality housing at affordable prices. All too often, people with limited income are stuck renting run-down properties from landlords who don’t maintain them. Because low-income renters generally don’t have the resources to secure better housing or find legal representation, they frequently have no choice but to stay.

That’s not to say that affordable, high-quality housing options don’t exist. But in the world of runaway inflation and high cost of living, they’ve become increasingly scarce, and the problem only seems to be worsening.

That’s where investors like Paul come in. Paul believes that everyone deserves a clean, safe place to live. His parents are involved in the continual upkeep of the properties, so tenants don’t have to worry that pipe leaks and other issues won’t be fixed. 

Both Paul and his parents are committed to treating all tenants with respect. The bottom line is to help renters achieve an excellent quality of life for an affordable price.

Beyond Landlords and Tenants

By embracing Paul’s philosophy, tenants can afford high-quality housing, and landlords can gain substantial income while still helping individuals in need. But this philosophy works on a larger scale, too. “It’s not about the profit,” Paul says, “but rather an investment in the community.” 

And when you think about it, offering affordable housing is absolutely an investment in the community. When people have their need for quality, stable shelter met, they’re more likely to work toward enriching the community around them.

That community can then attract new members. People generally don’t want to live in areas with run-down houses. But if your community is full of well-kept homes, it may just entice new residents and even visitors.

Investing With a Vision

It’s not often that investors find opportunities that both earn substantial profit and make the world a better place. But when you choose to invest in affordable housing, you can accomplish both.

You don’t have to rent out a large apartment complex or hundreds of homes to make a difference. As Paul has found, even renting and maintaining a handful of homes has helped his community change for the better.

About Paul Bulau

Paul Bulau is a culinary entrepreneur, business founder, and company owner/operator known for operational success, collaboration, and team development.

After earning a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Paul launched, grew, and sold his first business. For the past 25 years, Paul has served in several management roles with a premier, on-site restaurant company.

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