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Real Estate Marketing Skills Agents Should Master

By Lynn Pineda | April 30, 2019

Marketing Skills for Real Estate Agents

Who doesn’t want to be a Master of something, anything?! If you’re a Real Estate Agent the thought of mastering your marketing skills should be at the top of your list. Just why is it so darn important?! Being a “Master” isn’t that a bit much, you wonder?

It matters because, those seeking out the services of a Real Estate professional are doing it online - searching over the internet to discover who can help them with their Real Estate need. Don’t get left in the dust, but rather stand up and present yourself well, aiming for that very first page of Google. Yes, let it be you that they come to when a Real Estate Agent is needed in their local area. We should always want to strive towards Masterhood or “Masterlikeness”.

What will you have to master as a Real Estate Agent to market yourself to be found? I discuss 5 Real Estate marketing skills below to get you started on the right track. What’s the foundation for success?

Market you and your brand online

You’ve likely heard the expression in Real Estate that you don’t want to be a secret Agent; you need to let your family, friends, neighbors, associates and even strangers know that you sell homes for a living.

You need to get the word out about your brand, your Real Estate brand. And before you do, you need to first establish your brand, which includes your logo, your tagline and your brand colors. What do you want that all to shout? What sets you apart from others? What will make people want to hire you to sell their home or help buy a home?

Additionally, share your passion and knowledge for Real Estate. I can see the blank look from the brand new Real Estate Agents who don’t have the experience and the knowledge I mention.  Well, you may not have years under your belt, but your eagerness to get started in Real Estate is a great beginning. Also, you’ve got a license now...share what you’ve learned in order to get a license.  Imagine all the facts that you could share. Begin to share according to the next skill I discuss coming up in the next section below.

What if you’re a more experienced Agent? Hopefully, you’ve already set out to achieve an online brand - just know that you need to continually market that brand online. It’s all about repetition. Doing it, saying it again and again, so when you pop up, they marvel and say; “Oh, there’s that Real Estate Agent that does (such and such)”. But what if you never really established a brand for yourself? Then by all means, dig in and do it now. It’s never too late. It really is never too late in life to do things and the same holds true with your Real Estate business. Not sure how to start with branding, google it, as that is beyond the scope of this article. (Next article perhaps). This article is to let you know - it’s a must!

Market your Real Estate knowledge through blog posts

Perhaps one of the most overlooked marketing activity by Real Estate Agents is that of blogging. It’s true, as revealed by NAR; it highlights the low percentage of Agents with blogs. I was shocked to hear it was so low! Agents just aren’t writing articles on a Real Estate blog. Blogging as content marketing is huge for creating a raging path to your phone and email inbox. Get into the blogging mindset to reap its rewards.

I’ve been blogging since 2008, and it’s been a long and consistent path to what my blogging efforts have afforded me over the years in regards to my Real Estate business. I’ll never forget that first blog post that I published. It was quite nerve wracking, especially after I hit that “publish” button. Wondering...who will read my post, will they like what they read, is it good enough? - all these and other worrisome thoughts filled my mind. Crazy to have thought that way.

It wasn’t easy by no means. It was a constant mindset of thinking about blog posts. I’d read something and think; ...oh, that would be a good idea for a blog post. Or I’d hear something and think of how I could incorporate that into a blog post. Everything was about what I could write about as I went about my day to day activities, even while not working Real Estate. I say while not working Real Estate, but I guess I really was working, as my mind was always thinking of blog post ideas to market my Real Estate business.

When starting out to blog it’s not something that you can do once in a blue moon when you’re starting out. No, not at all, you must be consistently publishing Real Estate articles. At the beginning it starts with bi-weekly to weekly.  It will be quite some time, years in fact, before you can really slack off such an intensive schedule. In fact, I know bloggers who still are on a rigorous blogging schedule of getting several posts out weekly even after 10+ years of blogging.  This is why it’s not always easy to blog and perhaps why the reported numbers of active Real Estate bloggers are so low. Yet, believe me when I tell you that you’ll see the fruits of your labor if you put your pedal to the metal and pump out consistent blog posts.

What are the nuts and bolts to a blog post?

  • What will you write about? To begin with, you have to make your posts meaty - what do I mean by that? By meaty, I mean, don’t think that you can write just a paragraph or two and expect results. No, you should always aim for at least 850-1000 words or more. Once you start writing, you’ll get to the point that the word count is easy and before you know it you’ll be pumping out 2000 word posts.
  • Back to what you’ll write about. Always a looming question for beginning bloggers. Yet stop for a minute and just think of your recent closing and what went on.  What did you learn or what happened that might have brought up something new that you had not experienced before. Write about what you’ve experienced in your day to day activities as a Real Estate Agent. Or research something that you’d like to learn more about; learn from the influencers that I discuss below. You’d be surprised at how easily you’ll be able to fulfill your content needs.  

An Agent who’s been in business for a longer time, certainly has an edge in what they can write about, compared to a new Agent. However, a new Agent would benefit greatly if they started their career while angling their beliefs toward believing the benefits of becoming a master blogger; it sure beats cold calling! Have I got you thinking of topics already?!

Market yourself by interacting online with other influential Real Estate Agents

Who are you going to hang with? Nothing against the newbie Agent, yet the newbie Agent has not obtained influential status yet.  Noticed I said yet, as their day will come if they master these recommended marketing skills discussed here today. So who do you want to hobnob with to market yourself?

It’s those that are influential as Real Estate Agents that you need to be interacting with in order to push up your own visibility.  Visibility online makes you get noticed and when selling homes you need prospective home Sellers and home Buyers to notice you!

How will you get noticed by a influential Real Estate marketing master Agent? Follow them on their social media platforms. Comment on what they share to social media. And, share what they share. Also, when writing your blog posts, link to articles/posts that they have written. Brilliant way in which to get your Real Estate articles shared. When you link to a Influencer most are going to share your post, because you have linked to one of their articles.  (Just make sure you tag them wherever you share, so they’ll be sure to know). This will get you noticed, while you’ll be learning a whole lot from the Real Estate industry too, no matter your years in the business. In the end, it’s all about the knowledge that you’re able to acquire in order to be seen as a professional; someone that would stand out from the pack, a true Real Estate pro.

Market yourself across several Social Media platforms

There are an awful lot of Social Media platforms where, as a Real Estate Agent you can market yourself in order to advertise that you’re not at all a secret Agent. However, can you really be on all of them? There’s Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook personal/business pages, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Scoopit, YouTube, and many more. Choose those that you can maintain an active presence.

Even if you’re not crazy social and the life of the party, maintaining a social media presence is not an option, it’s a must in today’s digital age for Real Estate.

Share about your Real Estate happenings; you can goes as deep or as light as you desire, just make sure you’re out there with consistency. Prospective home Buyers and home Sellers are going to look you up online and the various social media platforms are one spot they’ll want to check up on you. Just don’t let them discover something that you wouldn’t want them to know.  If you don’t want a certain trait to be shared with such prospective customers, then it’s pretty simple, don’t put it on social media.

And, by all means, Market your Real Estate Listings with precision and pop

When you get a listing to sell a home, you want it to explode with impressive photos, videos and descriptions.  It’s all about grabbing the attention of prospective home Buyers and their Agents. Dark, dull, pathetic, few and just plain awful photos will get your home Seller’s home overlooked and will reflect very poorly on your marketing ability; thus resulting in less customers.

A more recent marketing tactic is “coming soon” marketing; how effective is that in marketing a home for sale and should you employ this in your marketing? Read this article to discover pro’s and con’s: coming soon marketing.

Wrap Up

The marketing skills needed that I discussed in today’s article certainly is manageable, don’t you think? Just follow the marketing methods discussed here and you’ll be well on your way towards mastering your Real Estate marketing skills. Set yourself up online with a positive, professional business image, write about your know-how, follow and learn from the leaders and present your listings with a WOW factor. Experience matters when knowing what you need to master.

Today’s article, 5 Real Estate Marketing Skills Agents Should Master, was written by eXp Realty Real Estate Agent, Lynn Pineda. You’ll find Lynn selling homes in Southeast Florida from Boca Raton to Coral Springs and beyond.  

Delivering Real Estate promises since 2005, you'll find Lynn Pineda, your southeast Florida Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty, representing both home Sellers and home Buyers alike doing what she loves to do - selling homes. Don't trust one of your most important financial investments to just anyone.
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