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Should You Buy Your First Home In A Planned Community?

By Shanea Patterson | October 13, 2022

Buying your first home should be taken with extra precaution. Since this is a big purchase, you need to ensure that you’re not wasting your money but actually putting it to good use. 

As you look for your first home, there might be plenty of choices for you to consider. While buying your house inside a suburb or subdivision might sound like a great idea, you might want to consider buying in a planned community. 


What’s A Planned Community

A planned community in the United States (U.S.) is where everything’s well planned out as it acts as another city everyone can feel safe living in. This includes every essential establishment, such as a park, gym, pool, hospital, grocery, and school. 

If this is something that interests you, listed below are some reasons why you should consider buying your first home in an American planned community like Artavia Homes in Conroe TX (Texas) or other nearby cities: 

  • Prime Location 

One of the biggest advantages you could get from living inside a planned community is its prime location. 

Even if you have every establishment you need inside your community, it allows for easy access, providing you with maximum convenience. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting in and out of the city as you can easily drive a few miles and get to where you want to be. Moreover, it might also be near your workplace as a planned community is usually close to premium work establishments.  

If you ever worry about feeling trapped inside a community as it already provides you with everything you need, you can breathe freely as you can easily get in and out without driving for long hours. It’ll allow you to get the best of both worlds.  

  • Has A Well-Structured Community 

Since a community may act as a little town from the beginning, you can expect the developers to thoroughly think of what are the things they need to do to make everyone feel comfortable. 

Since it’ll be their plan from the start, they won’t just be placing various homes and establishments on vacant lots but rather carefully structure everything from every corner of the property. This can include which area they’ll be putting their amenities, along with how convenient it’ll be for homeowners to get by, even without their cars. This way, you can guarantee you’ll enjoy your stay as the developers carefully consider everything from comfortability to maintenance. 

  • Provides Maximum Safety 

Safety might be your top priority if you’re planning to purchase a house for the first time for your growing family. Luckily, a planned community can provide maximum security for every homeowner. 

Apart from the distributed security cameras throughout the entire neighborhood, there are also guards that’ll go around the community to ensure safety and quickly inspect any suspicious activities happening inside the community. 

Moreover, there’s also a strict entry checkpoint that ensures that only valid people are allowed to come inside as they’re not letting any surprise and unexpected visitors come through, as they might bring potential threats.   

With the security that a planned community can provide for your family, you can be at peace knowing that they’re completely safe as they implement strict safety measures around the place. 

  • Offers A Variety Of Home Designs 

Admittedly, an old planned community might feel like every house is from cookie-cutters as they look exactly like one another. 

Luckily, modern planned communities are getting more creative as they can now offer a variety of home designs for their clients. This way, you don’t need to have an exact match of property with your neighbor, as you can still allow yours to be unique.  

Since a planned community can offer a variety of home designs, expect its price to be quite different as you need to consider its location, size, and features. But it’ll be nice to have various options that’ll better fit your family’s needs. 

  • May Turn Into An Investment 

Buying a property would always be a great investment as real estate always increases its value over time. 

If you’re planning on adding another home in the future, buying your first house in a planned community would be a great idea. This way, your first property would be in a great location as many families are always looking for a home that’s inside a safe environment while also providing them with plenty of amenities they can use at any time of the day.  

With that, buying your first house in a planned community would be a great investment scheme as they guarantee a higher return on investment as you wait for years to come.  

  • Includes Outstanding Amenities 

A planned community doesn’t just include a beautiful set of houses and amazing amenities that every resident can enjoy. 

Treat the community’s amenities as an extension of your home, which allows you to do anything you want without compromising the size of your lot. You can jog around, take a quick dip by the pool, play some sports, or just get yourself some fresh air. Even if you’re paying for them, knowing they’re just right around the corner provides you with convenience and satisfaction from your community.  

  • Has An Active Homeowner Association 

If you live inside a planned community, expect it to have an active homeowner association that aims to make the community a better place. With this, you can easily raise your concerns about how you can improve the community or if any issues are bothering you. It could be any curfew, house rules, or even your neighbors. 

As you discuss your concerns during your homeowner association meeting, you can expect to receive results as they’ll take action on what you’re proposing.  

Moreover, a planned community can also set rules on how one must behave while staying inside. It could be about maintaining their home and how they should behave inside their neighborhood. As you follow the community’s rules, you can expect your neighbors to do the same. This will result in a peaceful environment for everyone.  

  • Get To Know Your Neighbors Better 

If you’re the type of person who’s extremely social and would like to get to know your neighbors, living in a planned community would be a great choice. Since there’ll be plenty of community events you could attend, you can mingle with your neighbors and be friends with them. You might even gain new relationships, helping to make your stay much more enjoyable and comfortable.  


Planning where to buy your first home can be tricky as you need to ensure that you find the best one. As you learn the benefits of living in a planned community, this might be an option you might want to consider. After all, they’re getting popular for good reasons.  

Bio: Shanea Patterson is a freelance copywriter and content creator, the founder of Ultimate Freelance Guide, author of The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Freelance Life, NYU grad, and a huge marketing enthusiast. She is a sought-after freelance copywriter and content creator who’s been published on USA Today, Small Biz Daily, Overture Global Magazine, and OnDeck. She’s a regular contributor to Realty Biz News.
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