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Smart Water: New Valve Cuts Toronto Water Bill By 23%

By RealtyBiz News | July 1, 2023

It’s getting more expensive in Toronto — and the water is no exception.

To lower its monthly water and sewage bills, one Toronto business spent six months in 2018 and 2019 trying out a new technology called the Smart Valve. The invention removes air from water, reducing consumption every time someone turns on a faucet.

By using the Smart Valve, an apartment building at 1121 Steeles Avenue saved an average of 30% over the six-month period, according to a published case study.

At times, monthly savings reached $8,000.

Water conservation is a pressing issue in Toronto, and Canadian Water Savings has introduced a solution to address this challenge for GTA’s surging number of hotels, schools, property managers, and retirement homes.

Its Smart Valve technology improves the efficiency of water use, claiming guaranteed savings of at least 15%, though many businesses save an average of 23%, according to the Canadian Water Savings website.

The service is becoming an attractive option for Toronto businesses looking to cut costs, particularly for property managers and owners of condominiums, hotels and commercial properties.

Smart Valve Technology:

Canadian Water Savings' Smart Valve is a cutting-edge device designed to optimize water usage, according to a statement from the company.

By leveraging this technology, businesses and property managers conserve water without compromising their daily routines, a YouTube video from the company says. The valve is installed on the main water line and uses real-time data to monitor water flow.

Its main purpose is to reduce the turbulence created every time someone turns on the water, according to Canadian Water Savings. By maintaining backpressure, the Smart Valve reduces that turbulence, resulting in greater efficiency for both water and sewage consumption.

Lower Bills, Plus Environmental Impact:

The smart valve offers a significant advantage to businesses trying to lower their Toronto water and sewage bills.

The technology allows for precise monitoring of water usage, enabling businesses to identify areas of high consumption and make informed decisions on conservation strategies. This empowers business owners to take control of their Toronto water bills, leading to substantial cost savings over time.

It’s also easy for customers to get started. While most similar services require upfront fees, customers of Canadian Water Savings only pay a percentage of their savings back to the company.

Moreover, the Smart Valve promotes environmental sustainability by curbing excessive water consumption. By conserving water, business owners can contribute to the overall conservation efforts of the city and help create a more sustainable future, a spokesperson for the company said.

Ease of Installation and Simplicity:

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Canadian Water Savings' Smart Valve is designed with simplicity in mind. The installation process is quick and hassle-free, requiring minimal disruption to the business’s water supply, according to the Canadian Water Savings website.

As water scarcity becomes an increasingly pressing issue, Canadian Water Savings' Smart Valve is quickly emerging as a potential game-changer for those working in the real estate industry trying to lower their Toronto water and sewage bills.

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