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Foreclosure Buying By Wall Street Providing Hot Air For New Housing Bubble

By Donna S. Robinson | January 21, 2013
Hot air rises, and so are housing prices. It appears that Bernanke's efforts to fund the housing market are beginning to gain some traction. An army of "ex-Wall Street executives" has had more than two years now to re-trench themselves, and move in, to essentially take over the foreclosure and investment property market in the US.
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Someone Is Stealing Your Money - How The Fed is Picking Your Pockets

By Donna S. Robinson | December 31, 2012
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke frequently points to "low inflation" as justification for a continuation of his current policy of Quantitative Easing (QE1, QE2, QE3, QE4). Simply put, Bernanke believes, (or is betting), that he can continue to flood the economy with newly printed, nearly worthless dollars because inflation is still low and deflation is supposedly the real problem.
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Obama And Boehner Agree On General Framework For Lying To American Public

By Donna S. Robinson | December 19, 2012
As the fiscal cliff negotiations continue over who gets to pay more income taxes, the good news is that President Obama and House Speaker Boehner have made significant progress. They've already got a framework in place for exactly how they plan to mislead the American public about the economy and inflation. Once that is done, it's relatively easy to cut the deficit and tell the public that things are OK.
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Bernanke Says Not To Worry, He'll Just Buy The Fiscal Cliff And Turn It Into A Public Park

By Donna S. Robinson | December 15, 2012
It's getting pretty obvious to anyone who is paying attention, that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke believes he must do something about the fiscal cliff. He's just announced plans to create and spend $85 BILLION PER MONTH on mortgage and treasury securities - that amounts to more than 1 TRILLION dollars over 12 months!
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Is The Fiscal Cliff A Genuine Threat? Or Just Another Handy Crisis?

By Donna S. Robinson | December 1, 2012
Well we all know that the so-called "fiscal-cliff" is looming for new years day 2013. For months it has cast a pall of doom over the pending new years holiday.
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Baby Boomers Over Age 55 More Likely To Own And Invest In Real Estate

By Donna S. Robinson | November 30, 2012
A recent article on clearly demonstrates the impact that boomers are having on the housing market. Boomers between the ages of 55 and 74 are much more likely to own additional residential property besides their personal home, and while some of these homes are vacation properties, most are likely to be held for use as rental property.
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The Ugly Truth About The So-Called Housing Recovery

By Donna S. Robinson | November 27, 2012
Since 2008's market melt-down and the advent of record numbers of foreclosures along with the loss of 35% of market value of the underlying assets, the secondary mortgage market has been reeling to and fro like a drunk down at the local bar.
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