First Time Home Buyers: Everything you Need to Know Before Closing

Buying your first home is a milestone that you won’t soon forget. However, getting to the point where your bank says that you are clear to close can be complicated.

Encouraging Boomerang Kids to Move Out

In the not so distant past, it was expected that kids would leave home after college, and most of us were anxious to do so. Nowadays things are often quite different, and many parents find themselves looking after adult children with little idea of when they will fly the nest. An article in points

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When to Turn Away from that Fixer-Upper

Do you dream of buying a house that’s a bit run-down? It’s not uncommon for people to possess a desire to purchase a fixer-upper and turn it into a home of their own. While the idea may seem like a good one, there are a few things you should think about first. Here are five reasons you may want to turn your back on that house that needs work:

Will Your Down Payment Buy You A Home?

If you’re anticipating buying your first home you can add one more hurdle to jump if proposed legislation affecting home ownership is approved – a bigger down payment.

First Time Home Buyers – Frugality Is Not A Naughty Word

Buying your first home can be thrilling – and frightening as well, as it’s among the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. It’s not something to entertain lightly, as so many things need to be considered before choosing a place to call your own. There are aesthetics of course – nobody wants to live in

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