Five Countries where the US Dollar Offers Property Discounts in 2019

The dollar is strong right now, and it’s giving dollar-wielding property buyers a big advantage when buying abroad. Simply put, properties in many countries have gotten dramatically cheaper, in dollar terms, thanks to favorable exchange rates. Everyone knows that the dollar runs in cycles. And many experts, including The Economist, agree that the dollar is […]

Revitalizing Coconut Grove: Regatta Harbour – A Unique Lifestyle Destination

One of the oldest and most coveted neighborhoods in Miami, Coconut Grove’s rich unique history has attracted locals and tourists for decades. A popular locale to dine, shop and engage in recreational activities, the once vibrant, booming neighborhood is set to face a long-awaited revitalization.   Situated along Dinner Key, Regatta Harbour will play an […]

When,Why and How to Choose a Probate Realtor

Probate real estate requires a unique process when purchasing a home and can be a difficult process without the proper realtor. It is important to have an experienced probate Realtor to help you navigate and represent the estate during the sale. My background as an attorney and CPA has allowed me to leverage prior experiences […]

Top Tips For Determining What Space Is Right For Your Retail Business

Whether you’re relocating your business or looking for the perfect place to establish it, you’ve probably heard the importance of location, location, location. There are numerous aspects of location that play a part in finding the right home for your business, such as considering your clientele, logistics of rent and expenses, and more. Here are […]

5 Benefits of Working on a Real Estate Team

Whether the ink is still wet on your real estate license, or you’ve been in the business for quite some time, there are real benefits to working on a real estate team.  According to NAR, 28% of agents were on a team in 2018, and that number is only expected to grow.  Why is the […]


There is a growing shift in California’s commercial real estate. More and more investors and developers are moving towards industrial real estate and selling their retail centers because of the increase in online shopping. It is a steadily developing trend with enough steam to make heads turn. Another growing trend in this situation is that […]

Is It Time to Hire a Transaction Coordinator

When you ask a Realtor to name their favorite part of their job, it’s usually something along the lines of “I can make my own schedule”,  “I really love helping people”, or “handing a buyer their new keys”.  What you rarely hear is, “coordinating every detail from contract to close”.  It’s not exactly the glamorous […]

6 Things Your Real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You

With the real estate market entering the spring buying season, it’s good to be both a buyer and a seller. Mortgage rates are still low and property values are rising. While competition abounds, there is plenty of opportunity on both sides of the real estate transaction. Real estate can be complicated. It’s the reason most […]

Considerations to make when buying rental property

There are many things to consider when it comes to investing in rental property. Below are the top three considerations you’ll want to take into account when buying rental property. Consideration 1: Location I can’t stress enough about how important the location of your rental property is. Often times new investors don’t put enough emphasis […]

Buying an Investment Property is not just for the wealthy

America is the Land of Opportunity. It is the land of capitalism. Everyone here has the opportunity to make his or her livelihood better, including you. There’s no better opportunity to turn your dreams into a reality than right here, right now. The American Dream requires a tremendous amount of sacrifice, dedication, work ethic and […]