2020: Buyer and Seller’s Market

Buyers and Sellers So far, 2020 hasn’t been the year we’ve been expecting in more ways than one. The most apparent event plaguing the world is the coronavirus pandemic, which is forcing millions of people across the world to quarantine and stay at home. This change in our daily operations has had a major impact […]

10 Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Home

10 Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Home David Bartels, Broker of Help-U-Sell Full Service Realty in Westlake Village, California, unveils 10 key pieces of information that prospective home sellers should consider before selling. Irrespective of the external variables impacting the global economy at this time, the resilience of the US real estate market […]

Consumer Reports: Notes on Buying Your First Home in an Economic Crisis

When I bought my first home in 2010, at age 24, it was the Great Recession, and the housing market—the entire world, really—was off-kilter. A little like it is now. I was newly married, a recent college grad, and I’d dreamed of getting my own place since I was a kid growing up in my […]

Good Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Accounting Schedule

Cash is the lifeblood of your real estate business. Without adequate working capital, your company will grind to a halt, ready to die unless a cash injection happens. Many business owners know this, but still make financial mistakes that cost them their companies. According to research, a whopping 82 percent of the businesses that fail […]

Framingham Dental Center

A confident smile is the beginning of a new life. Dental centers are the ones who bring this confidence in your smile. They make your teeth breath for beauty and longevity.  They are the designers of your teeth who shape it to give you an attractive look. Dental centers offer a range of services, from […]

Internet of Voice: The Next Big Thing to Generate Real Estate Leads

Internet of Voice (IoV), commonly referred to as ‘voice search’ is set to be the next big thing in marketing for various businesses. Several key leaders in the marketing industry are predicting IoV to be the marketplace disruptor in the coming years. IoV Overview Voice search refers to sending a query using your voice instead […]

Top 10 International Property Markets for Investment in 2020

Whether you’re searching for capital appreciation, rental income, currency diversification or a back-up residency, below are the top 10 overseas real estate markets to consider for investment in 2020. If you didn’t manage to take advantage of the serious opportunities for U.S. dollar holders this year, don’t worry; you enter 2020 with the upper hand […]

Modern Oriental Interior Design: Inspo from the Far East

We can’t all build our lives in Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan- the Chinese region of alpine lakes filled with the reflections of the surrounding landscape. The commitments that bind us to our home cities often mean that the spaces in which we live, lack sentiments of serenity and tranquil calm.  Image source  Whilst we’re engrossed in our […]

Faithful Flatpacks: Beautiful Interiors Straight Out the Box

There’s something magical about taking a few entirely two-dimensional panels out of a box and a few huffs and puffs, a scream and an air punch later, presenting to yourself a fully functional three-dimensional object. Pure magic.  Flatpack furniture has accrued a reputation associated with poor quality and lack of style over the years. As […]

5 Reasons why property investors should be more interested in interior design

An increasingly dominant role within the property market is that of the interior designer. This is true across the entire real estate landscape, from building a successful career in design to joining teams of investors and developers.  Any experience in interior design is likely to to be warmly welcomed by the real estate sector. The […]