4 Tech Trends Set To Transform Real Estate

This could be your future: Drones, wearable tech, smart cars and more.

FAA cracks down on realtor’s drone use

The Federal Aviation Administration has the real estate industry in its crosshairs, as the agency begins to come down on the growing popularity of unlawful drone use for taking listing photos and videos.

Drones Show Homes From New Perspective

In the past real estate agents used to rely on photographs to show a home to prospective buyers. Just recently agents have chosen to dedicate full websites and videos to showing a property, but now there’s something completely different. It’s becoming increasingly common for agents to use drones, which are small unmanned helicopters that have

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Drones a Good Buzzness Tool for Realtors?

Real estate investors have smartphones, iPads, workflow software… And now they can even have drones. Well, at least they could if they really want one. Drones have left the domain of the military and have been approved thanks to President Obama in February this year, to be used by both law enforcement and civilians.

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