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10 Benefits of Hiring Property Management Services For Your Rental Property

By Jamie Richardson | June 8, 2022
You might have a job or a business to take care of. Your busy life might not allow visiting your rental property often and ensure its proper management. This can lead to several structural and cosmetic issues in your rental property like cracked ceilings and pest infestation - a big turn-off for potential tenants. This […]
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5 Steps to Buying a Property

By Jamie Richardson | April 11, 2021
So, you have decided it is time to buy a property? It is a big step to make, but an important one that can make a big difference to your life. It is also be quite a long, complicated, and confusing process, particularly if you have not been through it before.  If you are not […]
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Tips for a Selling a Tenant-Occupied Property

By Brian Kline | January 21, 2021
It’s certainly your house to sell. But tenant-occupied investment houses present unique challenges when landlords are ready to sell. You have two primary concerns that need to be dealt with. 1. The tenant has specific rights that you must comply with. Not complying can cause bitterness from the tenant and very possibly fines and/or fees […]
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Understanding the Importance of Property Inspections

By Jamie Richardson | August 29, 2020
Property sales can fall through because of several reasons with 21% changing their mind, 14% not having an offer close to the list price or finding a less expensive home to buy, and 15% bailing out after an inspection report. Indeed, a building inspection is important because it can make or break a sale. Realty agents […]
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7 Key Retail Property Considerations in Brisbane

By Jamie Richardson | June 12, 2020
With people increasingly investing in Brisbane’s property market, it’s no surprise that the retail property market is also increasing in demand. Brisbane is steadily and rapidly becoming the “it” city. Everyone from multi-property investors to small scale homebuyers has their focus on the river city. Because of that, property valuers Brisbane is on-demand as of […]
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What to Consider When Buying a Property in a New Area

By Jamie Richardson | February 27, 2020
If you are thinking of moving, you might also be thinking of moving to a completely new town or state. Moving to a new property can be an exciting but stressful experience, but when you are also moving to a new area that you don’t know much about, the move can be even more of […]
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How to Resolve a Property Line Dispute

By Jamie Richardson | February 26, 2020
Is your neighbor’s fence moving farther and farther onto your property every year? Did they build a shed that infringes on your yard? Did they put up a fence that blocks your view of the neighborhood? Unfortunately, these scenarios occur every day with even the friendliest of neighbors. If you have a dispute that can’t […]
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