Hard Money Loans Still Have Legs

There are many ways to successfully invest in real estate. Hard money lending isn’t heard about much these days but still has a valuable place in the investing world. Hard money lenders generally don’t value real estate in the same ways as most investors and other real estate professionals. As an investor, you should know

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Hard Money Lenders vs. Hard Money Partners

Hard money has always been a staple ingredient in the real estate investors recipe book. But since the housing crash and credit crisis all but eliminated many of the traditional lending programs for real estate investing, hard money lending is making a big comeback. If you’ve never had any previous experience with this form of financing, you may find this information crucial for your success.

Eureka Commercial Lender Has Loan Program for Best Coastal Properties

Reprop Financial launched a program back in May allowing commercial owners to release equity in their coastal properties. “Our Best for Your Best” is a program designed to give commercial loans up to $1 million at rates of just 5.99% for the first year.

The Basics Of Using Hard Money To Buy and Fix Investment Property

Hard Money is a type of loan that is generally used by real estate investors to purchase and repair a piece of real estate. Lenders are mostly small companies or private individuals with funds to invest. Learn how to exploit this kind of loan to its full potential and make the most from your investments.

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