Home Selling Advantages During the Holidays

people hesitate or don’t bother trying to sell their home during the holidays. It could be because they are caught up in the festive and party atmosphere, have friends and family coming over, they don’t want potential buyers trudging snow and rain into the home, they don’t think the market

Decking the Halls of Your Home for the Holidays

Confession: When I first signed up for Pinterest I became an addict. I thought to myself “Wow, how did so many great ideas get all in one place?” I pinned so many different pins to a wide range of board types and now that I have less time on my hands I only occasionally use

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Lightening The Load: Economic Woes Increase Vacation Home Sales?

You might think that with foreclosure sales growing across the country and homeowners experiencing reduced equity levels, vacation homes sales would be down, but you would be wrong. In 2011 they were up, with the majority of sales going to investors, not owner-occupiers.

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