Rising rents and mortgage rates drive inflation to new highs

The rising cost of housing is one of three main factors driving rapid inflation in the U.S., according to data released by the U.S. Department of Labor last week. The Department said the largest three items in household budgets – namely shelter, gasoline and food – all saw cost increases, helping to fuel the highest

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More than 70% of home buyers face unexpected costs within first year

The vast majority of homeowners say they’ve been faced with significant and unexpected costs within the first year of them buying a home. That’s according to a survey from the insurance firm Hippo, which found that 77% of home buyers have suddenly found themselves encumbered with a huge bill having already stretched their budget to

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Study reveals coronavirus impact on food and retail workers

American renters who work in food and retail industries can find themselves spending 40% of their annual income on housing costs if they are unable to work for two months – up about six percentage points from their current rent burden. As local governments limit or close businesses to stop the spread of the coronavirus,

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Study: Washington D.C. residents have the most cash leftover after paying their mortgage

With housing becoming more and more unaffordable in the U.S., a new Zillow analysis shows that residents in the capital, Washington D.C. have the most cash left over after paying their mortgage. Zillow’s study assumes the median annual gross income and mortgage payment for each of the 35 largest housing markets in the U.S. Its

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Breakups often force millennials to return home, study finds

A new study from Homes.com reports that contrary to what many experts have suggested, one of the main reasons why young adults move back home with mom and dad is due to a breakdown in their romantic relationships. Student loan debt and rising housing costs have often been cited as the main reasons why many

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Young Adults are Moving Back Home

What with employments prospects looking ever gloomier for thousands of young adults across the nation, it’s little wonder that more of them are moving back in with mom and dad in an effort to cut housing costs. Recent data from the latest U.S. Census showed that young male adults in particular were finding moving back

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NY Homes Cost Five Times More

Just why do so many people love New York City? What with the miserable weather for 9 months every year, the grid-locked streets, packed restaurants and dirty subway stations, things couldn’t get any better, could they?

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