Real Estate Adds Stable, Long-term Growth to Your Investment Portfolio

Modern communication networks have effectively shrunk the size of the planet. Information can now travel in seconds rather than the hours, days or even weeks it took data to cross the globe just a couple of generations ago.

Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers Taps Herubin as Portfolio Manager

One of the world’s top 10 real estate investment firms, Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers LLC, has named Terri Herubin Portfolio Manager of the $1.7 billion dollar Cornerstone Patriot Fund. Herubin takes the place of 13 year veteran Brain Murdy, according to the news from the firm.

Is a Real Estate Partnership Right for You?

Real estate partnerships are very similar to marriage. Some of them are great and last forever, while others never make it out of the honeymoon period and end up fighting over the wedding gifts. Just like you would want to get to know a potential spouse before deciding to tie the knot, you have to make sure you know the person you’re trusting with your real estate investments.

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