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Alternative Investments as a Safety Net During Real Estate Downturns

By Jamie Richardson | December 13, 2018
Most readers have heard the old saying “Don’t place all of your eggs into one basket.” If anything sums up an approach to investment as an income, that saying says it all. And if your primary investment choice is commercial real estate (CRE),then you know the pain of a market downturn. When any financial crisis […]
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Evareium launches ICO to tokenize real estate investments

By Mike Wheatley | March 8, 2018
Blockchain-based real estate investment startup Evarei is announcing the launch of its first Evareium token sale this week, giving individual investors the chance to buy a stake in lucrative properties by owning the tokens.
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California rated worst market for single-family rental investors

By Mike Wheatley | July 29, 2016
A combination of high demand, low inventories and rising property prices means that California is now home to seven of the top ten worst markets for investing in single-family rentals.
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Real estate tech startups rake in $1.4BN, but trouble lies ahead

By Mike Wheatley | October 30, 2015
Although investors are pouring millions of dollars into real estate technology startups, experts are worried that many of these companies might not stay around long enough to enjoy the money.
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Memphis Residential Investments On Target

By Brian Kline | February 19, 2015
When you are looking for residential invest property, you need to take a serious look at the Memphis area. There are few if any other major metropolitan areas with higher rents and more renters than in Memphis. More than half of the households in Memphis prefer to rent rather than own. Something making Memphis particularly […]
Investing, Real Estate Investing, US Real Estate

Minimizing Real Estate Investing Risk

By Brian Kline | November 12, 2014
There are many real estate investing business models. Deciding on the one that is right for you determines the level risk you are willing to take with your investment money. Most investors decide between becoming a landlord or rehabbing and flipping middle-income houses. What few people consider is owner financing lower income houses. There's more […]
Investing, US Real Estate

Benefits of Investors Getting a Real Estate Agent's License

By Brian Kline | May 14, 2014
Whether an investor should get a real estate agent's license is ultimately a personal decision. Some investors believe it's critical to the long term success of their investment business and others think it's a waste of time and money. If you're an investor, I don't recommend that you get your license to help the public […]
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