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Choosing a Real Estate Attorney

By Daniel Doran | October 8, 2012
Throughout the course of your real estate investment career you will inevitably need the guidance of a qualified attorney. Getting the right lawyer is crucial to you, and you have several options when choosing an attorney which include investing in a pre-paid legal plan online or hiring a local attorney in your area.
Real Estate Investing, US Real Estate

Real Estate Investors Home Office : What You Need To Know

By Daniel Doran | October 4, 2012
You would think knowing what you need to setup a real estate home office for success would be a pretty easy question to answer. You need a desk, a chair, a computer or laptop, a cell phone and, that's about it right? Wrong!
Real Estate, US Real Estate

How to Make a Six Figure Salary in Real Estate: Part Three

By Daniel Doran | October 3, 2012
Today we focus on two of the tried and tested “get rich slow” techniques that have proven to generate a positive cash flow and/or equity buildup in your investments over a period of years. As you can expect, these methods involve different risks than those used to get rich quick and as always you should invest based on your risk comfort level
Real Estate Investing, US Real Estate

Turning Your Properties Worst Feature Into A Selling Point

By Daniel Doran | October 2, 2012
Very early on in my real estate investing career I partnered with two other people on the purchase of several local homes. Honestly, they knew less than I did about real estate investing but the saying “safety in numbers” kept running through my thoughts so a partnership was formed. It was a disaster, but it actually taught me so much about how to sell my investments.
Residential, US Real Estate

Does A Short Sale Stop You From Getting A New Home Loan?

By Daniel Doran | September 27, 2012
What is a short sale? Very simply, a short sale is when a mortgage lender agrees to accept less than the total amount of money they are owed on a piece of property in order to facilitate the sale of that property. This is done when the owners
Commercial Real Estate, US Real Estate

Buyers Closing Costs for Commercial Real Estate Purchases

By Daniel Doran | September 25, 2012
Closing a commercial real estate deal involves many of the same costs as you would find in a residential closing. The main difference is the costs are normally much higher for a commercial deal due to the additional research required in not only closing on the physical property but the financial aspects as well.
Investing, US Real Estate

Successful Real Estate Negotiation Techniques

By Daniel Doran | September 12, 2012
When you find yourself in what seems like an epic struggle to get a real estate contract finalized there are some negotiation techniques that may help you push that deal across the finish line. These techniques will vary depending on the type of person and investor you are and the specific type of transaction you are trying to close. Here are some useful negotiation techniques you should use regularly
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