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NAR calls for emergency rental assistance for struggling landlords

By Mike Wheatley | September 4, 2020
The National Association of Realtors is calling for landlords to receive emergency rental assistance to help them cover their costs during the coronavirus pandemic. The call comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called on a 1944 public health law that was created to help prevent the spread of dangerous illnesses, to justify […]
Featured News, US Real Estate

Tenant groups become increasingly militant to prevent evictions

By Mike Wheatley | August 7, 2020
With moratoriums on evictions throughout the country starting to expire, tenant groups are stepping in to try and save people from losing their homes. Tenant organizers in South Central Los Angeles last week quickly organized a protest after a local landlord removed one resident’s belongings following their eviction. The landlord had changed the locks on […]
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Transunion study shows renters are managing their debts

By Mike Wheatley | June 18, 2020
A new study from the credit firm Transunion shows that consumers are still managing their debts in way that may ease most landlords’ concerns, even as many are struggling with finances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The study found that around 25% more renters entered relief programs in March and April due to shutdown orders […]
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Landlords come up with novel ways to collect the rent

By Mike Wheatley | May 28, 2020
Landlords are getting creative in order to collect their rental payments during the COVID-19 crisis, according to a report in Even though the pandemic has sent unemployment skyrocketing, landlords are getting by thanks to flexible payment terms and other incentives to help their tenants pay the rent. Ellie Perlman’s company Blue Lake Capital LLC […]

Ditching security deposits could come back to bite renters, expert says

By Mike Wheatley | January 24, 2020
Recently, some lawmakers have been proposing alternatives to the traditional security deposit in an effort to help tenants by eliminating the need for a large, upfront payment. But some housing experts say this could actually end up costing renters more money in the long run. Charles Tassel, chief operating officer of the National Real Estate […]
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Landlords offer a cheaper alternative to the security deposit

By Mike Wheatley | January 14, 2020
Fewer landlords are insisting on a security deposit, and are instead coming up with alternative ideas that might help out new tenants who’re struggling to come up with the amount necessary. Landlords generally insist on security deposits in order to protect themselves against any damage caused to the property, or missed rental payments. But the […]
Landlords struggle to find good tenants
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What Amenities Are Tenants Really Looking For In 2019?

By Regina Gables | August 20, 2019
Most property managers and landlords recognize that amenities are the most alluring draws for potential tenants. Pools, fitness centers, and proximity to local events are just some of the most popular examples that someone might want from a rental property. When it comes down to choosing between two properties, it's often the presence of amenities […]
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