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Most Borrowers Won't Qualify For Lowest Advertised Mortgage Rates

By Donna S. Robinson | September 12, 2011
Sure you've been hearing that mortgage rates have dropped to historically low levels. But have you tried to get a mortgage with those super low rates lately? If you have, chances are you didn't qualify for the best deal. According to data surveying 200 of the nations top mortgage lenders, the actual interest rate granted […]
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US Banks Are Still Robo-Signing

By Allison Halliday | July 19, 2011
In March the major mortgage lenders in the US said they would stop dodgy foreclosure proceedings which caused such scandals last year, but according to a Reuters investigation many are still continuing to use techniques such as robo-signing. Their investigation has found that many loan providers are continuing to file foreclosure documents that have been […]
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Short Sale Fraud Spiraling Out Of Control, Say Investigators

By Mike Wheatley | July 18, 2011
Investigators say that short sale fraud is running rampant in the US right now, plaguing markets and seriously impacting on mortgage lenders, who are missing out on thousands of dollars due to the problem.   One of the most common real estate scams in short sales is for investors to make a lowball offer on […]
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Report Shows One Million Foreclosures To Be Delayed Until 2012

By Mike Wheatley | July 15, 2011
A new report from RealtyTrac suggests that around one million foreclosure notices expected to be filed by mortgage lenders in 2011 will be delayed until the following year – a boon for homeowners who will gain extra time to catch up with their mortgage repayments and avoid losing their homes.   However, it might not […]
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Young People Explain Why They’re Not Buying Now

By Mike Wheatley | June 26, 2011
Most real estate experts, when asked why people are not buying homes anymore, are quick to point to problems with the economy and the debate about whether the housing market has bottomed out or not.   But, according to a recent poll by The Nest at least, this is not the main reason why first […]
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Deadline Extended For Banks To Revamp Foreclosure Practices

By Mike Wheatley | June 15, 2011
Federal regulators have given the nation's 16 leading mortgage lenders another month to work out how they are going to tackle the widely publicized problems they are facing with loan modification and foreclosure procedures. Mortgage lenders and servicers were initially given a 45-day deadline by federal regulators to come up with their plans - a […]
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Prove You Own My Mortgage!

By Mike Wheatley | June 3, 2011
Struggling owners of delinquent homes have found a new wild-card to play in the fight to save their homes from a foreclosure order – forcing mortgage companies to prove they own their loans.   More and more homeowners are successfully arguing in court that their money lenders have no proof they own the loan they […]
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