Home buying ranked as “most stressful” event in people’s lives

Most people are aware that buying a home is a confusing and complicated process, but a new survey from Homes.com shows that for many of us, it’s also the most stressful experience we’ll ever go through. Homes.com’s survey of 2,000 consumers found that 40 percent of Americans saying buying a new home is the “most

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Need A New Home? 4 Ways To De-Stress Your Home Search

If you want to de-stress your home search and make for an easy process, there are a few important tips to follow.

Spring Home Buyers’ Stress

Most professionals are expecting a hot and aggressive market to be facing buyers as we head into the spring spike in home sales. It’s been a full decade since we saw a glut of houses on the market that wouldn’t sell for a large number of

One Thing Your Realtor Neglected To Tell You

If you’ve ever bought a home, or are currently in the process of doing so, the stress it creates may make you feel as if the whole world has come crashing down on you. Certainly, there’s the excitement of moving into a new place, and the idea of creating memories with your family in a home of your own, but the stress involved with getting through the home buying process may impact your health

Study Shows Foreclosures Are Bad For Your Health

The more foreclosures there are in your home state, the more your community’s health is at risk, says a new study. New research carried out by Princeton University’s Janet Currie and Georgia State University’s Erdal Tekin has shown that the rising number of foreclosures in states like Florida, California, Arizona and New Jersey appears to

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