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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Selling Agent

By Al Twitty | July 19, 2022
Selling your home is a major decision that can affect your investments and savings for months to come. If you bought a home as an investment and spent a considerable amount of money on upgrades, you’re surely looking for ways to cash in on both your upgrades and the capital appreciation from the time you […]

How Can Real Estate Agents Save Your Money?

By Jamie Richardson | June 15, 2022
Real estate agents, like lawyers, get a lot of bad press. We assume that they are there to siphon off money from us. But it is not correct. If anything, it is a terrible example of stereotyping. If you look at it, an estate agent representing a property management firm can help you a lot […]
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3 Tips to Help Aspiring Real Estate Agents

By Al Twitty | June 8, 2022
There are lots of people who would love to break into a career as an estate agent, and this is for many reasons. As a real estate agent, you can look forward to many fabulous rewards and benefits, and this is a job that enables you to boost your earnings potential significantly. If you are […]
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What is a real estate agent?

By Jamie Richardson | April 13, 2021
If you have wondered what a real estate advisor is, we must first clarify that this professional is also known as a real estate broker or real estate commercial. We can also hear the term Real Estate Agent (real estate agent in English), but it is little used. For me, personally, if we talk about […]
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Five Ways To Find An Excellent Real Estate Agent

By RealtyBiz News | January 7, 2021
Buying a home or selling your home is one of the biggest financial decisions a person makes in their lifetime. Most of us are not buying yachts or private jets, so a house or investment property is the most common large purchase or sale the everyday working family will make at some point in their […]
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Do You Need A Real Estate Agent To Buy Or Sell A Home?

By Jamie Richardson | May 22, 2020
Buying a house or selling the one you already own are both huge decisions. When you think about it closely, you will realize that those are the decisions that ultimately shape your future and completely change the way you have been living your life up until that moment. In addition to deciding that you want […]
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Four Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

By Al Twitty | March 3, 2020
If you are selling your home, then you may be considering whether or not a real estate agent is worth the cost. While it is possible to sell your home by yourself, there are several benefits to seeking assistance from an estate agent. To demonstrate this, here are four great reasons to hire a real […]
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