Lead paint still a major hazard in older buildings

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued another warning about the dangers of lead paint, saying that around 90% of homes built prior to 1940 probably affected by the problem. And it said that the majority of homes built before 1978 are probably at risk too, because it was only banned in that year. It’s

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Foreclosures Make Kids Sick, Slow Learners, and Increase Dropouts

Studies have documented a correlation between foreclosures and everything from nausea, fevers and abdominal pain to hypertension, depression, chest pain and diabetes – in adults. Children, however, have been the unseen victims of a lost home – until now…

Study Shows Foreclosures Are Bad For Your Health

The more foreclosures there are in your home state, the more your community’s health is at risk, says a new study. New research carried out by Princeton University’s Janet Currie and Georgia State University’s Erdal Tekin has shown that the rising number of foreclosures in states like Florida, California, Arizona and New Jersey appears to

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