Top 50 Male Real Estate Agents on Twitter

Twitter is an established social media platform – also known as a micro-blogging platform. The real estate professionals are using it for years and there are great accounts with interesting content out there. We already presented you top 50 female real estate agents on Twitter and in this article we will focus on the best

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How to become the most followed real estate agent on Twitter

If you like the micro-blogging platform and want to be active on Twitter, then you might as well become at least one of the most followed real estate agents, right? The power is in the numbers, so what would be the point in having an account with just a small number of followers? We had

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100 Must Follow Realtors on Twitter

Social media is, undoubtedly, very important these days for professionals in all fields and realtors are no exception. Twitter is an important social network with many members in various countries and, when deciding who to follow, it is important to choose accounts that are constantly updated with interesting and relevant content. Listed below are 100

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The Top 25 Real Estate Tweeters’ Twitter Feeds

In our business Twitter and Facebook are simply a must engagement tool. Digital PR to our Travel News segment, any company that does business online simply has to make us of and communicate via social media. This “almost” goes without saying now. I say “almost” because there still are companies out there resistant (hard headed) enough to believe digital communication is a trend.

Top Dawgs of Real Estate: Kevin Tomlinson of Miami Beach

Kevin Tomlinson of Miami Beach is the subject of the first in a series of editorials on digitally aware realty professionals. My recent articles dealing with mostly the mediocre lot of Realtors online, provoked me to investigate the top of the online real estate food chain.

Lesson for Would Be Digital Realty Icons: Get It On

An excursion into the soft underbelly of the online real estate game reveals a surprising find – someone who knows what the hell they are talking about. A chance Twitter encounter uncovers perhaps the real estate world’s best company aimed at social interaction, MyTechOpinion. The brainchild and digital baby of Nicole Nicolay, Reggie Nicolay, and Chad Johnson makes other social engaging real estate efforts appear as child’s play.

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