Ethical Wholesaling What to Consider

Wa wholesaler there is more to consider than your profit margin alone. The marketplace for rehabbers buying from wholesalers is very limited. You need to think about long term relationships even more than profit margins. A Wholesale Deal Gone Bad I’m aware of a recent deal where a house was wholesaled three times before a

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Wholesalers Work On Volume and Networking

When you buy from the wholesale market, you don’t need to sell at retail to make a profit. You can sell to someone else that buys wholesale and still make a decent profit. The real estate wholesale market is not unlike any other wholesale market. In the supply chain, from manufacturing to retail there are

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Finding the Right Neighborhoods for Wholesale Purchases

Determining the best neighborhoods to purchase wholesale properties depends on your income strategy. In today’s market, it’s still a good strategy to be looking for REO unless you want the hassles that come with purchasing a short sale. There are exceptions to this but why not take the easy route with REO. The good news

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