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Ten Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Instructional Design Requirements

By RealtyBiz News | December 7, 2022

When creating an online training course, you have two choices. The first is to carry it out internally, and the second is to outsource your instructional design requirements. And the second option is typically the best choice in almost all circumstances.

Sometimes the word "outsourcing" carries a bad connotation, making one think of hastily completed tasks for little money. But don't let this misinformation about outsourcing or previous experiences influence how you feel about hiring an external instructional design team. 

The eLearning industry is highly regarded, technically advanced, and performance-driven. By hiring a different company to handle your online training creation and design, you can free up resources, lower internal risk, and provide a final product you can be proud of.

Here are ten reasons you should consider outsourcing your training requirements to instructional design firms.

Your Core Staff And Experts Can Focus On Other Tasks

Most of the time, your team and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) lack instructional design expertise. Give your corporate employees and SMEs the freedom and time to put their knowledge into creating superior course material by collaborating with external instructional designers. 

Staff and SMEs will be better able to accomplish their jobs and be prepared to market, manage, and strategize a more robust training program if the design part is outsourced to a more qualified company.

Cost-Effective Action

The potential saving is one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your instructional design process to another business. Instructional design businesses might have significantly more resources and expertise to complete a task swiftly and for far less money than you had anticipated. Utilizing internal resources that could be better allocated to other initiatives is ineffective. So, outsourcing is a cost-effective strategy that your organization can adopt.

Provides A Broader Scope

You can expand the scope of your online training course by having access to more extraordinary abilities. For instance, localizing the course for various languages and geographical areas will likely be simpler if you have experts dealing with it. 

Additionally, you will have the choice of including customized features that would be challenging to include otherwise with an in-house team's limited skills and knowledge. 

Provides Better Design

Even though you may consider it more practical to get the instructional design done internally, you may not end up with the product you had hoped for if you hire a novice developer with little to no design experience. 

By leaving your project in the hands of professionals, you can expect better design and creative suggestions that help you get the most for your money. 

Additionally, outsourcing instructional design to a company with more experience makes sense if you need an in-house design specialist for a more polished, engaging final result.

Will Make Your Training More Distinctive

An engaging training course is a great way to impart important information, from introductions to frequent company updates. Offer compact, manageable modules that learners may finish at home or in a limited time to make your training stand out.

Channel partners or franchises are more open to collaborating with organizations that provide thorough, dynamic, and simple-to-access training courses that are practical and don't interfere with other essential tasks. 

Independent instructional designers who have worked with many organizations know how the specific training program is created. As a result, they can create one that differs from what most businesses generally offer and takes into account the particular requirements of your own business.

Risk Is Reduced By Outsourcing

When dealing with technology, there is a possibility of technical issues arising. Technical issues include coding mistakes, content missing due to app updates, interoperability concerns, and more. You have to take on all these risks internally when creating an instructional design course. However, most, if not all, of these risks are taken care of by an external company when you outsource the course development. Additionally, because the third-party supplier is more experienced in eLearning, they will have policies to guarantee you don't run any risks. 

Improves The Scalability Aspect Of Your Course

Scalability is a significant selling point for many instructional design developers. They have the necessary resources to scale your course if and when your business grows. For instance, if you plan on expanding your business overseas, a professional instructional design company will know how to scale the course seamlessly, helping you train your team across the globe. Specialized developers will have tried-and-true methods for scaling your eLearning courses' creation, delivery, and scope to meet the company's demands.

Will Provide You With Additional External Expertise

Nobody expects you to be an expert in every aspect of eLearning. Even a project manager cannot keep up with every instructional design trend, innovation, and strategy that exists today. However, outsourcing certain aspects of your course creation may help. 

Suppose you have subject matter experts who can work on the content for your training course. While your employees work on the content, you can find someone familiar with the ideal approach to deliver that content and contract out your design requirements. 

From gamification to designing an interactive interface, you may improve your employees' learning experience by bringing in additional expertise. 

 Makes The Process Easier To Manage

When you outsource development to a specialized instructional design provider, you or your senior management team will spend much less time overseeing the process. The procedure will resemble any other contractor/supplier partnership or connection where there are significant targets, milestones, and expectations. Compared to managing internal teams, this is a much simpler approach. It helps the team concentrate on other essential tasks at hand.

Will Help You Incorporate Innovative Strategies

Due to the nature of learning and development, experts in the industry are always coming up with new methods and approaches to improve training. Innovation is ingrained in the L&D philosophy. A lack of innovation in training can quickly render organizations obsolete. 

Your company is open to the most current L&D methods and ideas when working with external instructional designers. Working with outsourced instructional design professionals will allow your in-house training personnel to learn the latest cutting-edge course development and delivery techniques.


Outsourcing instructional design development is an appropriate strategy regardless of the size of your organization, mainly if you are a multinational with a sizable staff and numerous business units. 

You can be sure you're getting the most outstanding online course possible because of the degree of experience and knowledge you'll receive from outsourcing your instructional design requirements.

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