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The Power Of Real Estate Video Marketing

By Beni Restea | September 12, 2023

Creativity and inventiveness are fundamental in real estate. Do you wonder why your sales have fallen lately? Or you might be a newbie driven by the passion for proving yourself in the domain. It doesn’t matter whether you call yourself an established realtor or a rookie; you must develop a winning strategy!

Agents must adapt or suffer the consequences!

Undoubtedly, we’re living in a fast-paced digital landscape. You’ll miss a substantial revenue by failing to connect and target “modern audiences” and potential clients (we’re looking at you, Generation-Z, or Alpha!). For this reason, even the most experienced real estate agents must adopt innovative promoting and selling strategies. How do you get down to it? For starters, you must come up with a five-star content marketing plan

Video marketing takes center stage!

Video marketing should be an essential part of this effective online marketing plan. What is video marketing good for? In short, it enables agents to showcase properties, engage potential buyers (and sellers), and build trust dynamically and captivatingly. Establishing a catchy real estate brand can’t exist without high-definition video materials!

Creative real estate promotional videos can convert leads into clients.

Video footage won’t be only the ideal tool to convey information on properties for sale. The cleverest agents will present a property sale nicely wrapped in a film-like material. Because videos have the potential to evoke and stir up emotions and tell engaging stories. Why don’t you insert pets and families in your video to enhance rapport with our target audience? Don’t you know feelings can influence real estate transactions? After all, impulsive buying in real estate is an actual phenomenon.

A by-the-number promotional video with a monotonous message and no relatable backstory will get you nowhere. Instead, a video pulling on your viewers’ heartstrings will get more precious leads. Moreover, it will convert them into actual paying customers. We wouldn’t call this practice emotional manipulation. It’s a rather heartfelt presentation emphasizing the property’s advantages and the perks of choosing your services, for that matter! 

Ideally, we recommend producing your own best real estate shows for realtors to boost your name in the industry. However, we know this is almost impossible to pull off. Nonetheless, bits of humor, originality, transmitting highly informative content, and relatability will get you the desired results even without disposing of a huge budget!

What can you use real estate videos for?

Besides achieving the apparent visual advantage in presenting a home for sale, you can use videos for various purposes. Real estate video marketing enables agents to showcase the neighborhoods, amenities, and local attractions that make a property an attractive investment. 

Be a neighborhood visual expert!

You wouldn’t believe how first impressions of the local community can affect homebuyers. Visuals, aerial shots, and interviews with community members will draw a vivid picture of the potential lifestyle would-be homebuyers can anticipate.

Producing authentic visual material about community life and the neighborhood you represent might seem impossible and utterly pointless. Still, your dedication and effort will prove worthy as your viewership will grow exponentially in time.

Video client testimonials showcase your success story.

Raising public awareness for your real estate brand should be your long-term priority! Expertly produced video materials can help you accomplish this objective. Video testimonials from satisfied clients are potent tools for building trust, integrity, and credibility. 

Real estate agents can create short videos featuring clients who have had positive experiences working with them. Then, post these video testimonials on your official website and social media accounts! In the best-case scenario, it can go viral!

Our final verdict is that testimonials provide social proof and demonstrate the agent’s expertise, professionalism, and ability to deliver the goods. Under no circumstance should you skip this essential step!

Educational content

Though producing educational and informative content won’t boost your sales directly, it can increase brand awareness. So, why don’t you create visual content with tips on the home buying and selling process, interior and exterior design topics, and local and national market trends? Take our word on this: neighborhood guides will hit the viewership jackpot!

Statistics confirm real estate video marketing’s efficiency!

Propmodo published fascinating statistics about the usefulness and productiveness of video marketing materials every agent should consider. In 2023, about 73 percent of homebuyers and active house-hunters reported that they prefer working with a realtor or broker using videos to those agents who practice “abstinence.” 

As you know, the homebuyer-realtor relationship during and after COVID underwent considerable changes. For this reason, agents must adapt to conducting business in a digital environment. Without open houses, online users will want to experience the spatial depth and see a property’s surroundings (in 3D, if possible.) 

Over fifty percent of marketing professionals called video marketing the best content type with the highest ROI. Marketing agents using videos generate over 1,000 percent more shares than the rest. Moreover, video materials produce a growth in revenue about fifty percent faster than non-video marketers. However, the impressive effects don’t stop here! Videos contribute to an approximately 160 percent increase in organic traffic from SERPs (search engine result pages). 

What do you need to produce high-quality and creative video materials?

You can jazz up your promotional footage with impressive techniques to engage your audience more. No wonder we recommend using hi-def 4K video equipment, cameras, and professional editing software for realtors in 2023. Your mobile’s capacity might not be sufficient. Instead, try Sony Alpha 7C Mirrorless Camera or Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera mounted with, for instance, a Rode Video Mic Pro for excellent image and sound quality. 

The best real estate applications are a must-have for editing purposes. We advise looking into BIGVU, VEED.IO, or PROMO! This equipment is perfect for shooting, producing, editing, and posting real estate listing videos, vlogs, or talking head presentations online. By online, we mean Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Insta; in a word, all those indispensable social media platforms for realtors. 

Greetings to next-level visual interactivity for home presentations

For a stunning property presentation, you will want to use drones. Also, the more innovative agents won’t shy away from live-streaming on location. Presenting a property and addressing questions in real time will display bravery and real estate skills on your behalf. 

Virtual cyber tours and 360-degree videos offer an immersive experience to potential buyers unable to visit properties in person. In addition, they’re ideal for drawing international buyers and investors. Virtual staging is also recommended as an excellent picture-processing tool for replacing real-life staging.


Video marketing has revolutionized how real estate agents connect with their audience. It enables them to showcase properties, build trust, and stand out in a fiercely competitive and, frankly, saturated market. The perks of using video material go on, though. Agents can engage potential buyers, drive leads, and close deals using the power of visual storytelling. 

It’s well-known that technology continues to advance, and consumer preferences evolve in sync with it. Thus, real estate agents who embrace video marketing will be poised for success in the dynamic world of real estate. Doesn’t increasing your realtor game with the latest technology sound good?

Is video marketing a game-changer in real estate? It is, and without a single shred of doubt! The statistics show that even in 2023, too few realtors and brokers produce and utilize real estate videos in their marketing strategy. So why won’t you get an edge over your competition?

Beni is very passionate about real estate, finance and traveling, which is the motivating force behind the inspiring topics he writes about for
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