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Tips to Enhance Curb Appeal of Your Rental Property

By Sponsored News | April 4, 2017

When your rental property becomes vacant, it is understandable for you to get anxious and eager to get a new tenant. However, instead of rushing to advertise the vacancy, take the time to renovate the premises to make it stand out, beautiful, and appealing to high-quality prospectors.

When carrying out the renovations do not just limit your activities to the house interiors. You should put as much effort on revamping the external features as well, more so the curb appeal. After all, the curb appeal is among the first prominent features that visitors to your property meet. This means that the appearance of your curb appeal greatly influences the perception that the guests form about your vacant property. If you are wondering how to start the curb enhancing project, here are some excellent pointers to get you motivated.

7 Ways to Spruce-Up Your Property:

Update the Front Door
There is no doubt that the front door of your rental property is a focal point of the home. It is what every person entering the building must walk through. Bearing in mind that the door ought to provide a sense of warmth, trust, and security it is important that it should be structurally firm, secure and in good shape. Furthermore, it should have attractive, welcoming colors. Hence, take the time to fix the doorknob, and any broken part on the door, after which you should apply a bright color paint to draw attention to the door.

Replace the Locks
Most landlords get too preoccupied with getting new occupants for their property that they rarely think about the door locks. It is, nonetheless, critical to change all the locks when a tenant moves out, so as to regain absolute control over the property. Besides restoring full control, replacing the keys provides the perfect opportunity for you to inspect whether the locks are in ideal condition or if they need replacing. Fortunately, replacing the locks does not have to be costly. There are cost effective options that utilize smart lock technology which you can use to conveniently re-key or change the locks whenever a tenant vacates.

Beautify the Yard with Flowers
Most people love flowers, and so what better way to make your curb look appealing than by planting brightly colored blooms. Though, be mindful not to overdo it. In as much as you want the property to look attractive, you do not want the prospective renters to view maintaining the flowers as an overwhelming task. Furthermore, take the time to research which plants will thrive in your area and go for the tough ones, which require very minimum maintenance.

Add Life to Your Yard
Besides introducing flowers, you need to add a few items on your property to make it livelier. The trick is going for objects that will not require an abundance of upkeep. For instance, you could place a side table and a tiny wooden bench to create a sitting area, plant a few small deciduous trees to enhance the aesthetics of the property, and align pallets, bricks, or paving stones to create a walkway, driveway, or sidewalk. You can make your asphalt look brand new, saving you thousands in repairs down the road with the help of professional asphalt paving and sealcoating services who are equipped with the right asphalt paving equipment complete with asphalt machine parts.

Wash the Walls
At times all you need to do to attract potential tenants is to spruce up the curb appeal. Take the time to pressure wash the walls to remove any flakes, dust, and dirt. With the aid of the pressure washer, you should also clean the patio, drive, and walkway to eliminate any dirt, grease, and oil spills. Keeping your building in pristine condition could be quite easy by using pressure washing services, doing regular exterior cleaning is keeping your investment protected from future troubles. Lastly, you should remove any out-of-place items from the property. These include debris from construction, twigs, fallen leaves, broken pieces of furniture, and litter.

Spruce Up the Garden
If your property has a lawn you should take the time to mow the turf to keep it short, neat, and healthy. Furthermore, you need to remove any weeds that might be sprouting. If you have landscaping skills this is the perfect time to put them to use. Trim and prune overgrown hedges into attractive shapes and designs. It does not have to be anything fancy. A neat and clean trim will suffice. However, if you lack the time or pruning skills, it is prudent to hire a professional to accomplish that desirable look for you.

Add Some Paint
Painting the rental property is an excellent way for you to enhance its curb attractiveness. Choose the right color combination and splash them over the property. Some of the areas you could consider painting includes the exterior walls, front door, mailbox, shutters, and any other appropriate garden fixture. Here too, you should ensure you have flawless painting skills, lest you end up making your property an eyesore in the neighborhood.

Many property owners spend too much time improving the house interiors and neglect the outside. What such owners fail to understand is that what causes most prospects to step into the property is its external appearance. Which means, no matter how aesthetically appealing the house interiors are, as long as the outside looks shabby, quality renters will continue by passing your rental property.

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