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Top 5 Pool Problems and Solutions

By RealtyBiz News | March 9, 2013

The idealized American dream home usually comes with a swimming pool in the backyard built by a fiberglass pool builder from a pool construction company. Those that do have these recreational oases on their property get to enjoy weeks and even months aquatic fun and relaxation with friends and family. Of course, like any fun home amenity, pools require upkeep.

Backyard swimming pool

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For most people, this upkeep involves hiring a pool professional to come and periodically check the water and add the necessary chemicals. But even well maintained pools can be susceptible to problems, and those who haven’t retained the services of a professional are far more likely to experience issues with their pool over time.

That said, here are some pro tips to help any pool owner diagnose and solve some of the most common pool problems.


One of the most common issues pool owners complain about is that green gunk that can build up over time: algae. This stuff can cake on the surface of the water and make the idea of a dip in the pool a truly stomach-churning prospect. The good news is that algae buildup in a pool is often the simple result of a lack of chlorine, which is a quick fix. All the owner needs to do to combat this problem is add three times the normal dose of shock treatment to their pool as well as a strong algaecide.


Those who are experiencing foam accumulation on the surface of the pool have likely used too much algaecide while trying to remove algae. The cheaper algaecides don’t have the “non-foaming” label on the bottle, and the solution is to head right back to buy an anti-foam agent from the pool-supply store.

Murky water

Few want to dive into a pool that doesn’t have a visible bottom. Unfortunately cloudy and murky pools are a common occurrence. There is a simple reason for this as well: improper pH levels. Also, rain can be factor as it is often highly acidic. The solution to this problem is to test the water levels with a common pool-test strip.

Those without a pool pro on hand can use smartphone apps to test their levels. Insta-LINK ($6.99) is a good option as is HowsMyWater ($5.99).

Pool stains

Occasionally, the pool owner may notice stains forming on the walls and floor. These stains are usually brown and are often the result of high mineral levels. Removal of such stains is best left to the professionals and any such problems should be presented to said professionals as soon as possible. Otherwise, the pool owner runs the risk of the stain setting for good.

Clogged filter

The good thing about a clogged filter is that it is a sure sign the filter is doing its job. The simple solution to this problem is to give the filter a good cleaning. Pros also recommend chemically cleaning pool filters at least once a year.

By following these simple tips, pool owners should be able to solve most problems that come their way. And as the solutions suggest, most of the above problems can be solved on the owner’s own without calling in the cavalry.

About the author: Jenny Willis is a professional blogger that enjoys providing consumers with health and fitness advice. She writes for Royal Swimming Pools, a leading manufacturer of swimming pool equipment.

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