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Top 5 Sources for Real Estate Traffic

By Shanea Patterson | October 6, 2021

Getting traffic to your real estate website is important if you want to find quality leads - qualified buyers who are already in the market to buy. 

But getting quality traffic can be difficult if you don’t know where to start.

Here are the top five sources of real estate traffic. 

Top Five Ways to Get Traffic for Your Real Estate Company

1. Blogging.

Blogging is a great way to get traffic for your real estate company, but only when done the right way. For example, creating a content calendar and blogging consistently will get you better results than blogging here and there. 

Blog about topics your potential clients care about, such as tips for finding the right home for them, or things to look out for when shopping for a property. Anything that’ll get them closer to the sale is a great way to get people engaged with your content and establish yourself as an authority figure in your industry. 

2. Social Media.

More than 4.48 billion people currently use social media worldwide, which is more than double than what it was in 2015 – 2.07 billion people, according to Backlinko. 

And the average social media user uses an average of 6.6 various social media platforms, so if you have business accounts set up on at least three, you’ll stand a better chance of reaching your target audience. 

Create social media content that helps your potential clients solve a problem or face a challenge. Think about the most common challenges you encounter with your clients and create social content around it. Your potential clients will be so grateful for your help they’ll keep you in the back of their minds and possibly hire you to be their real estate agent or broker sometime in the future. 

Posting social media content regularly is a great way to grow your organic traffic. You can also post your listings on social media.

3. Paid Ads.

Paid advertising is one of the best sources of real estate traffic, especially with Facebook and Google Ads. 

It’s also quicker than organic traffic, which can take between six months and a year, whereas with paid traffic, you can see results in as little as a day to a week.

Start learning about the most effective ways to create ads that people actually respond to. See which type of wording works best in an ad and try to tailor the message to your target market. 

4. Video Marketing.

Video marketing can help businesses increase sales by 34 percent and traffic by 51 percent. By creating video content and putting it on YouTube, you can get more eyes on your website and your content. 

About 44 percent of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video and videos help businesses get 66 percent more qualified leads. 

Creating video content is all about boosting brand awareness and helping your potential clients connect with your brand more effectively. 

You can create explainer videos, logo animation videos, presentation videos, ads, or slideshows that help you showcase your business and your current properties. 

5. Email Marketing and DRIP Campaigns.

The average click-to-open rate for emails sent in North America is 19 percent, according to GetResponse.

Use email marketing to nurture your current leads and keep them updated about targeted listings. You can also use DRIP campaigns to drive high quality traffic to your listings. 

Data shows that visitors who come back to a client’s website after clicking a link in an email have a repeat conversion rate of up to 15 percent, which is a lot higher than the average conversion rate of all other types of site visitors. 

Driving Quality Traffic to Your Website

Getting traffic to your real estate website and listings is the ultimate goal if you want to sell any properties. So if you haven’t already, come up with a plan for getting quality traffic to your website and listings on a consistent basis. 

Bio: Shanea Patterson is a freelance copywriter and content creator, the founder of Ultimate Freelance Guide, author of The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Freelance Life, NYU grad, and a huge marketing enthusiast. She is a sought-after freelance copywriter and content creator who’s been published on USA Today, Small Biz Daily, Overture Global Magazine, and OnDeck. She’s a regular contributor to Realty Biz News.
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