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Understanding the Essentials of Foundation Inspection

By Beni Restea | April 24, 2024

As a homeowner, you might be familiar with the grave consequences of foundation issues on a property. Although foundation damage may not pose a serious threat in the early stages, if left untreated, it will eventually lead to tremendous damage to your property, potentially resulting in structural failure. This is why foundation inspection plays a vital role in preventing property damage on a larger scale. Regular inspection, at least once a year, not only keeps your home in optimal condition but also saves on repair costs. In this blog, we will elaborately discuss foundation inspection and how foundation damage impacts various parts of your home, including shower doors.

Importance of Foundation Inspection

Issues with your foundation are not always visible to the naked eye. Sometimes, you may not be able to detect any problems until the damage has taken a severe form. Therefore, foundation inspection by a certified professional is important to keep your home from signs of damage that are easy to miss. A timely inspection helps you take the right action at the right time. Here is a detailed look into the significance of foundation inspection:

  • Mitigates Damage to Your Home

Inspecting your foundation helps prevent potential damage your home may incur in the future. Detecting damage in its early stages will prevent severe damage and maintain the structural integrity of your property. In the inspection process, professionals look for signs of damage, including cracks, mold, and water leaks. They will address all the signs, take the necessary action, and prevent the issue from turning into a bigger issue. 

  • Keeps Your Home Safe for Your Family

When the foundation of a home is at risk of damage, it will give rise to various issues that may compromise the safety of the people residing in the house. While foundation damage can pose the threat of structural damage, it may also lead to health-affecting issues. For example, if you have a leaky foundation, the mold spores generated due to the moisture may put your family at risk of various health problems. However, regular foundation inspections will keep your home in its best condition, ensuring the safety of your home and your family. 

  • Reduced Repair Costs

Foundation inspection is the best way to reduce your expenditure on costly repairs. The inspection process gives you the advantage of early detection of foundation problems. When you are able to carry out maintenance early on, you won't have to worry about high repair costs. As the severity of the damage increases, the repair cost also escalates accordingly. Therefore, investing in regular inspections will save you from expensive repair costs and benefit you in the long run.

Signs That Indicate You Need a Professional Foundation Inspection

Here are some signs of damage that may indicate you need a professional foundation inspection:

  1. Sinking Foundation

A sinking foundation is a clear sign that something is wrong with your foundation. If you notice that some sections of your foundation floor are sinking, it is an indication that you need a professional inspection right away. If not repaired in time, the entire structure can sink into the floor.

  1. Foundation Wall Cracks

Cracks in your foundation wall are important signs that you should pay attention to. However, not all cracks are dangerous. If you notice hairline cracks, it may not be something to be worried about. But if the cracks are significantly larger, from a few millimeters to inches, then it's certainly something you should be concerned about. In cases of uncertainty about whether the cracks are signs of damage, call inspection experts. 

  1. Sticking Doors and Windows

When foundation issues in your home make the structure slope in one direction, it will affect your doors and windows. In such a case, you may notice that the doors and windows in your house are sticking out of their place, making it harder for you to close or open them smoothly.

  1. Water Puddles in the Basement

You may see puddles of water accumulating on your basement floor due to plumbing leaks, rain, or groundwater. The accumulated water indicates a foundation repair requirement. If not repaired, the water in the basement may cause a number of issues, including mold growth.

  1. Uneven Floors

If you see that the floors in your living area or other parts of your home are sagging or slanting in one direction, it may be because of a problematic foundation. A foundation problem may lead to rotting wooden beams in your basement and cause the floors to appear uneven.

  1. Mold Growth

Mold appears as a discolored green or brown fuzzy spot on the surface of walls, floors, or other objects in the house. You can check for such signs in the foundation and other areas of your property. If your foundation is infiltrated with moisture, it creates a suitable condition for mold to grow. If not removed in its early stages, mold may also spread to other parts of your home.

Does Foundation Damage Affect Shower Doors?

Foundation damage can potentially affect the shower doors. If the foundation in your home is sinking or sagging, it may cause the entire house to slope in one direction, leading to the misalignment of various parts of your home. Such misalignment not only affects the shower doors but also impacts other parts of your home, including doors, windows, and wall cabinets. Therefore, it is essential to address foundation issues in time before they take on a bigger form. If you have not carried out a foundation inspection in a long time, hire a reliable foundation expert and schedule an inspection as soon as possible. 

What is the Process of Professional Foundation Inspection?

The process of a professional foundation inspection generally includes the following:

  • Visually examine the interior and exterior of your home to identify signs of damage, such as cracks, leaks, and sinking floors.
  • Evaluation of the landscape around your property and examination of the drainage system and soil.
  • Inspection of foundation structures such as crawl spaces and basements.
  • Soil tests to carry out soil quality analysis.
  • Documentation of the gathered observation data.
  • Report preparation with solution recommendations and cost estimates. 


The foundation of your home is the basis of the entire structure, and any issue with the foundation will directly threaten its structural integrity. Therefore, as a homeowner, it is important to get your foundation inspected at least once every year to prevent damage. It's better to invest in inspection rather than spending money on complex repairs. So, hire a professional foundation expert today and get your property inspected.

Beni is very passionate about real estate, finance and traveling, which is the motivating force behind the inspiring topics he writes about for
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