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Why Explore Italian Citizenship To Set Up A Retail Business In Italy

By RealtyBiz News | September 12, 2022

Italy has a lucrative retail marketplace, making it an attractive destination for international entrepreneurs. The regulatory landscape is liberal, and tax laws are favorable, so you need not worry about launching a retail venture in the country. Another reason the country makes a dream place is its easy immigration. In fact, you can even obtain Italian citizenship without much hassle. Consulting these experts on Italian Citizenship is a good option as they can suggest the best way to get in and set up a retail business in Italy. Let us explain some good reasons to try your luck with Italian citizenship.

Multiple citizenship routes

Moving to Italy as a citizen is easy because you can qualify through multiple routes. Chances are good for most retail entrepreneurs, provided they know the eligibility requirements and steps for each of the alternatives. Let us highlight the ones you can consider-

  • Citizenship by descent is ideal for people having family ties in the country. The best part is that you can leverage your ancestral connections without generational limits, provided you follow the Jure Sanguinis eligibility requirements. Besides the consulate process, you may have to opt for a court process for this option if you had a female ancestor who gave birth before 1948.
  • Citizenship by marriage lets you access a second passport if you are married to an Italian. You must consider the timelines and pass a language test to qualify for this route.
  • Citizenship by naturalization works for people who do not qualify through descent or marriage. It is a long-term process that requires you to stay in the country for a decade. But you can enter as a resident through the Italian investor visa, start a business, and wait until you qualify through naturalization. 

Expansion opportunities 

Getting access to the Italian passport opens up expansion opportunities for your business. You can start in the local retail market and expand your venture to markets across the EU. Italian citizenship (and even residency) lets you travel across the Schengen region without going through visa hassles. It is a chance to explore the markets, attend trade shows, and meet potential partners in the entire zone. There couldn't be a better way to launch a successful global venture.

Family and generational benefits 

Another valid reason to explore Italian dual citizenship for your global retail business is that it offers family and generational benefits. You get a second passport for yourself and your loved ones. The best part is that the citizenship rights pass on to your next generations, so they can live, work, travel across the EU, and carry your venture forward. Your children, grandchildren, and the generations ahead can reap the benefits of your business. Consider it the best legacy to pass on to the next generations. 

A global retail business is a great opportunity, provided you choose your market wisely. Italy is one of the best options to set up a thriving business. Most importantly, you can obtain citizenship through multiple routes and bequeath it to your next generations.
Author Bio: John Rose is a content writer at Outreach Monks. Rose takes a deep interest in educating his readers on immigration and business subjects. When not writing, you can find John chilling out with his kids.      

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