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Why Solar Power Is An Excellent Alternative Energy Resource

By RealtyBiz News | December 14, 2022

According to a study, Crude oil or oil will last for the upcoming 50 years. Coal will last for 114 years and natural gas for 53 years. Therefore, the call for alternative energy is high from every nook and corner of the earth. Solar energy is touted as one of the most easily available energy sources that you have among alternatives. Solar Power is now an upcoming resource.

According to a survey, solar energy is the fastest-growing new energy source, contributing 40% of total renewable sources. Therefore the talks regarding solar energy as the most viable alternative energy becomes a pertinent discussion point.

Why is Solar Power an Excellent Alternative Energy Resource?

According to a finding, solar energy constitutes 2.8% of the total electricity generation in the USA. But progress has yet to be seen in solar energy. The stakeholders will use American solar panels to power 22 million houses by the end of 2022. 

It denotes the entire development is filled with a lot of promise. So you can understand that the authorities in the USA and elsewhere are keen on solar energy. Let's try to understand why solar panels are excellent alternative resources. 

1. Environment-Friendly

Solar energy is a source of clean and green technology. They are touted to be one of the safest technologies that can restrain the carbon footprint. The advantage that you have with solar power is that they do not let out greenhouse gasses like Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide. 

Hence, they are extremely safe to use solar energy. So please take the initiative to install solar panels on the top of your roof.

2. Free Source Of Energy 

You might complain that acquiring solar panels is a costly affair. Furthermore, the benefits will be in the long run. The initial cost of buying and installing solar panels might be costly. 

But you are going to reap the benefits in the long run. Hence, you can well understand the benefits here. After a certain time, solar energy becomes a free source of energy. 

Like biomass, wind, and hydro energy, solar energy is also obtained free of cost. In addition, the technology requires low maintenance, providing an advantage over other energy sources.

3. Underutilised Land 

The world is suffering from a space crunch. Depleting space is a real problem. We are losing our agricultural land and the forest to support livelihood. Solar energy can provide solutions to the problem. 

The world is struggling to keep a balance between houses and agricultural land. With the increase of density in population, agricultural land gets depleted fast. The depletion of agricultural land can affect the supply of food in the days to come. Therefore the stakeholders must make plans to optimize agricultural land. 

Millions of hectares of land away from the big capitals of the city. Solar energy can be used in those areas. This can protect against the depletion of agricultural land. So you are getting a stable source of energy or electricity and saving the landmass.

4. Electricity Loss

The world is filled with news of electricity supply shortages. This is a really big problem for industrialized countries. Let us tell you that the electricity that is produced travels from the power plant to the household. A small portion of the energy gets lost due to the line resistance. 

Alternative sources of power can compensate for the loss of electricity. What you need to do is install photovoltaic cells to produce energy. The energy gets produced in the solar panels directly go into the household. 

5. Solar Panels Improve Your Grid Security

You will be amazed to know that solar panels account for a 60% growth of renewable energy in the year 2022. Not only this, the passing of The Inflation Reduction Act in the month of August 2022 has brought in a landmark change in the solar energy scenario. 

The policy of incentivization has enabled solar panels to become cheaper. Eventually, more people will be using solar energy in the days to come. 

Therefore, you can understand that Solar energy is fast gaining ground in the United States. Now that there is increased solar usage, it improves grid security to quite an extent. 

6. Solar Power Creates Massive Employment Generation 

You must know that the economic crisis has brought challenges worldwide. It has affected not only the economy but also consumer propensity. 

The Covid 19 pandemic is held responsible for job losses because industry-based activities completely shut down. Whatever might be the reason, employment generation is a challenge for the world if she has to attain sustainable development. The solar energy sector can create both energy and occupation. 

Different manufacturing units hired technical experts to make the solar panels. A massive study is going on to develop the technology. Therefore the alternative energy resource produces employment. 

7. Scientific Research And Employment

Solar panels are gaining high acceptance in the USA and worldwide. This is why stakeholders like the researchers devote time and resources to carrying out more research. The chemists investigate the composition, structure, and particles of the matter to improve the existing solar panels. 

Scientists are working on silicon-based materials and organic compounds. The designers are working on the design and aesthetics. 

Thus it generates employment in the research sector too. According to 2021, around 255,037 jobs have been created.

Bringing The Discussion To A Close

Solar energy is one of the best technologies being developed in the power sector. They are indeed a great advantage that you get with solar power. Solar energy is not only evolving as an alternative source of power but creates utility too. They are the future, and keeping this in mind, the world's stakeholders must try to ensure full use of the capacity to effect. 

The landscape of solar energy is continuing to increase. Various stakeholders are playing their part so that research and development, supply chain, and other aspects of technology development improve fast. All the stakeholders must work together so that solar energy evolves as one of the prime energy sources in the future.

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