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10 Best Smartphones for Real Estate Agents

By Guest Author | June 19, 2014

When it comes to smartphones, real estate agents have an ample array of choices. However, some are better suited to the unique needs of real estate agents than others. The best smartphones for real estate agents provide a host of business utilities along with good battery life, email and Web application support, and at least a 5-megapixel camera.


But it's not just fancy features you need to be on the lookout for. According to the National Association of Realtors, bigger is better in the eyes of real estate agents. Around the world, shipments of smartphones with screens of at least 5 inches have grown by a whopping 369 percent during the first quarter of this year. The increasing demand for large screens is largely due to the need for viewing detailed photographs, and that's certainly true of anyone involved in real estate.

Here are how the various smartphones on the market stack up.

iPhone 5

The latest generation of iPhone is easily one of the most popular smartphones on the market right now. Featuring a fast A6 processor, this model is known for its speed and good camera. If there is a drawback to this phone for the use of real estate agents, it is the size of the screen. Apple did update the size of the fifth generation from 3.5 inches to 4 inches; however, that is still a full inch less than many other models. The Apple map function, featuring turn-by-turn navigation, is a nice touch on this phone for on-the-go real estate agents.

Samsung Galaxy S4

In terms of screen size, the Samsung Galaxy S4 clearly delivers. Boasting a 5-inch screen as well as high-end resolution, this smartphone is able to meet most real estate agents’ needs. The inclusion of not one but two cameras makes it easy to take stellar photos, while the 2 GB of RAM provides ample speed.


Among the best benefits of this smartphone for the busy real estate agent are its streamlined design and UltraPixel Sensor camera for snapping great photos in low light situations. Featuring a 4.7-inch screen, the HTC One is almost on par with the Samsung Galaxy S4, making it easy to view photos, contracts, and other documents. There is no external storage on this model, so agents who take a lot of photos may want to upgrade to the 64 GB.


LG Optimus G Pro

Real estate agents who want the functionality of a tablet without the size may find that this model works well for their needs. Technically a “phablet,” the LG Optimus G Pro features a 5.5-inch screen, 1,080-pixel display, QuickMemo for note taking, and VuTalk for collaborating notes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Also considered a phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 offers a 5.5-inch display and S pen, making it ideal for times when an agent needs to send a quick note or jot information directly on a photo prior to sending it. A high-quality camera, 16 GB of internal storage, and large battery makes this smartphone an ideal tool for busy agents.


Blackberry, including the all-touch Z10 model, still offers a number of crucial benefits for agents, including integrated email functionality and an easy-to-use keyboard. A wide range of apps, including the ability to send and receive apps, gives agents plenty of functionality.

Windows 8 Smartphone

Compared to other smartphones, the Windows phone is still relatively new, but it is rapidly becoming increasingly versatile. With the Windows 8 model, agents can easily locate photos since they are organized automatically by date, activity, and location.


Motorola Moto X

One feature that agents are certain to love about this phone is the ability to launch the 10-megapixel camera by simply flicking the phone twice. A 4.7-inch display makes it easy to view photos and documents.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Packing a massive 41-megapixel sensor and six Carl Zeiss lenses, this smartphone was made for taking photos. Agents can take advantage of the opportunity to zoom in and out of photos after they are taken as well as use the Pro Camera app for tweaking exposure and focus.


Featuring volume and power controls in the back, this Android phone boasts an incredible 10+ hours of battery life. A 13-megapixel camera gives agents the benefit of optimal image stabilization.

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