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10 Home Renovations You Can Do Yourself

By Guest Author | October 8, 2014

Home improvement is one of the important prerequisites to managing a productive lifestyle for your entire household. Doing DIY home renovations the right way contributes to making life easier on an everyday basis.

As a Care2 article informed readers, DIY home renovation problems usually occur when people underestimate the projects’ level of difficulty.

As easy as it may sound, not all people make efforts in learning how to do home renovations. Don’t ignore the value of home renovations that you can do yourself.  Save your time and money. There’s no need to hire professionals to do DIY renovations that you can easily complete in a few hours or days.

Insulate for a Better Home Living


Photo courtesy of Kevin Dix via Pinterest

Excessive heat and chill inside your home will make you uncomfortable. An uncomfortable home living may easily turn excellent days into horrible ones in a blink of an eye.

Insulate the pipes covering the spaces in between the floors and the baseboards in your house. Of course, you’ll need the DIY-supporting tools every home dweller needs. Use a screwdriver in securing the draft stopper or draft guard at the bottom parts of your doors. Afterwards, you’ll be amazed at how these materials block the wind from entering your home during the winter. Likewise, these materials will do its job in blocking the heat of the sun from permeating your home during the summer.

Time to Have a Brand New Faucet


Photo courtesy of This Old House via Pinterest

Let your visitors take notice of your appealing kitchen and bathroom the next time they visit you. Replacing your old faucet and fixtures with brand new ones will make these rooms stand out. An appealing kitchen lets you enjoy cooking and eating in it even more. Also, a presentable bathroom relieves you of the day’s stress and chaos.

As long as the sink’s hole isn’t smaller than your new faucet, completing this DIY project should not be a problem. Use your drill in putting in a new faucet in your sink. Time constraints should be the least of your worries. You can complete this project in a few minutes time, or half a day at the most.

Smoother Bathroom Floor Tiled Surfaces


Photo courtesy of Jessica Parish via Pinterest

Have you ever dreaded walking along your bathroom floors? Uneven surfaces brought about by cracked tiles can push you to avoid bathroom breaks. Purchase new tiles at the hardware store nearest your home. Choose tiles whose color and style match the theme of your bathroom. Doing so will let you avoid ruining your bathroom’s overall appearance after you’ve replaced its old tiles. Attach the new tiles firmly on the floor by applying sandpaper and strong adhesive solution at the back of the tiles. Let the tiles dry for a couple of hours.

Relax your feet by feeling the smooth surfaces of your bathroom tiles. Expect to find yourself looking forward to walk along your new tiles after you’ve taken a shower. The tile’s adhesiveness may possibly come off within the first few days that you’ve completed the project. Don’t ruin the productive project you’ve accomplished. Avoid getting the floors wet for three days after you’ve put in the new tiles.

A Book Nook Underneath


Photo courtesy of CoLey Cali via Pinterest

Take out your hammer, saw, tons of wood, and a measuring tape. Don’t waste the extra space under your home’s stairs. Turn it into a book nook. After remodeling the area specifically for this purpose, adorn it with a cushioned seating and huggable pillows. Indulge in the comforting reading environment this cozy nook offers to readers of all ages.

A Doorless Shower


Photo courtesy of Homeswing via Pinterest

If you feel that a sliding door in your shower is a burden to clean, get rid of it. Use your pliers to take off the screws attaching the door to your bathroom. After the screws come off, gently take the sliding door off. Indulge in using a convenient walk-in shower your entire family will love, too.

A DIY Bunk Bed for Your Kids


Photo courtesy of Sarah R via Pinterest

Your saw, wood, tape measure, and hammer will come in handy again. Give your kids’ room a sizable and comfy feel. Turn their ordinary beds into bunk beds. Do this DIY renovation with your spouse for a few days to bring about great bonding moments.

Put the finishing touches on the bunk beds by painting them in colors your kids will love.

Hang Extra Stuff in Your Garage


Photo courtesy of Ellen Price via Pinterest

You never have to worry about cluttering your garage. Hang your bike, gardening, and other tools on DIY wall hanging storage in your garage. Use your circular saw, router, and drill to attach these convenient hooks on your garage’s walls.

Pretty Up Your Unused Garden House


Photo courtesy of Buzz Feed via Pinterest

Don’t think that the garden house you don’t care for is useless. If you find yourself not taking an interest in it, turn it into a beneficial artist room. Lessen the plants surrounding the room. Paint the room’s walls in white to boost its aesthetic appeal. Hang pictures of your favorite sceneries on its walls. Indulge in peaceful moments drawing or painting inside this spectacular outdoor room.

A Pillow Room’s Slumber Party


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth via Pinterest

Don’t worry about lacking an extra space in your home for a slumber party. Turn your attic into a pillow room where your kids can have their party. Creatively put sky blue cloud pictures on the room’s walls. Adorn the bed in the attic with lovable white pillows to complete the set up for a sleepover party.

An Extra Light Goes a Long Way


Photo courtesy of Etsy via Pinterest

Of course, replacing your ceiling’s light bulbs is an easy task. Unlike recessed “pot” or “can” lights, you can easily install these lights yourself. Eco-friendly fluorescent light bulbs are available in reasonable prices at your favorite DIY store. Replacing these lights is important, too. With this said, you should never overlook replacing these lights when needed.

Like Judy Scott mentioned in her article in The Nest, DIY home renovations will prevent you from having to spend tons of money paying for contractor and material expenses. Be practical and wise. Apply these brilliant DIY renovation ideas the next time you need to revitalize the convenience and looks of your house.

About the author: Jeanette Anzon

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