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The 25 Toughest Real Estate Sales Worldwide

By Ryan Cox | February 18, 2011

You've seen them your whole life, those albatrosses of every neighborhood, the ugliest houses you ever saw. But imagine a hungry real estate agent anchored down with such ugly listings. What is there to say? What sort of pitch would you use to convince a potential home buyer? In good times most agencies would probably not show such places, but in these tough economic times? Maybe.

Let's take a look at candidates for the 25 ugliest houses ever, and potentially the toughest broker commissions of all time too. We scoured the web in search of the world's ugliest houses and came up with those below. Perhaps you can suggest one or two from your neighborhood.

To start with, the home of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani (below) uses up every ounce of ugliness available, while providing us with a glimpse of the biggest waste of money ever. Ugly through and through, is the assessment on this lavish dump. The 550 feet high and 4,00,000 square foot high rise cost upwards of $2 billion, if you can believe that.

Mumbai billionaire Mukesh Ambani

No. 1 - Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani spends $2 billion on this?

If taste counts, this billionaire has none

No. 1 - If taste matters in the kitchen, one could gag in here.

We continue with the rest of the top ten ugliest homes in the world - and then rounding out the top 25 prospects. These examples win out over so many others for a number of reasons, but mainly for their sheer annoyance, or bitter and guttural distasteful nature - and some just because the owner's let their stuff go bad.

Vietnam house

No. 2 - Explain this Vietnam wonder to a buyer - Meester Realtor

Ugly that people have to live like this

No. 3 - This ugly house is but one of millions worldwide - ugly because it'spitiful

Ugly because

No. 4 - Ugly because we would not want to live there

With things the way they are in the industry, and jobs as scarce as hen's teeth, even park benches and throw away furniture may soon become properties with a high demand. The couch below could be a prime rental when utilities and other luxuries become unfordable. But we can only hope prettier versions will hit the market then.

American homes can now be couches

No. 5 - This couch is now considered a home in America

Trailer park hell

No. 6 - What would any list be without trailer park hell

Polka dot ugly

No. 7 - Drug and alcohol induced dot ugly

Ugly for the negelect

No. 8 - just ugly for the neglect it reminds us of

The shape of things to come 15 years ago, can easily become a real estate agent's nightmare these days. A round, concrete house seemed feasible to someone, even a whole neighborhood of round homes. As you can see by the image below though, the neighborhood in the Netherlands went down fast.

The famous Hertogenbosch houses

No. 9 - the famous Hertogenbosch houses - gone bad

Ugly is sometimes a result of too much talent

No. 10 is here for the waste of money and talent - art resembles poo poo

Ugly comes in all shapes, colors, and forms obviously. The top 10 examples above obviously encompass most of the drama of putridness, but the ones below also offer their own special brand of detestable wonder. It just sucks to be an ugly house. Where hubcaps meet religious zeal, or the outer limits touch indigestible color, this is the place we often find our ugliest domiciles.

Ugly can be bling

No. 11 - where bling meets the bible

So called UFO house

No. 12 - UFO house - what was a novel idea went South

Every neighborhood has one

No. 13 this neighborhood's toughest sell - courtesy tina

Ugly house parts, back yard

No. 14 - Downright ugly - you don't need to see the rest

Being square can even be ugly. What's good for round, and good for puke green, is good for boxy too.

Ugly without reason

No. 15 - Just ugly without reason

The home below is a bit of Americana not many of us like to claim, the wrong side of the tracks version. Who knows, maybe 40 years ago this way a showplace or rural USA? Now though, all anyone who passes by can say is; "keep driving Harold."

The ugliest houses on Earth

No. 16 is pure T ugly - but not top 10 ugly - courtesy Cindy Seigle

Ugly can just be tacky

No. 17 - Ugly can be just plain tacky

Ugly can be indescribable

No. 18 - Ugly can just be indescribable

Ugly can be a color thing

No. 19 - Color can be just ugly

Ugly does not have to mean "to the bone" ugly, as the next three homes reveal. Ugly in these cases comes more from being "whack" and having bad stuff in the yard.

Ugly house number 21 in the world

No. 20 - whacked out ugliness and curb dis-appeal - courtesy cjc4454

Ugly houses of the world

No. 21 - Ugly can be close to beauty too - courtesy cjc4454

Ugly house number 49

No. 22 - Not ugly exactly, but working on it - courtesy brandon shigeta

Whacked out ugliness, even curve appeal varieties, only marginally outdistance the terminally ugly run down clutter of American poverty. The houses below show just how low down some American real estate agents may have to go to make a sale.

Ugly does not even have to be truly ugly - if that makes sense - for a house to confound the senses of a neighborhood. The combination of color, style, plain old "spirit" even, can sometimes make an otherwise pretty abode horrific. The three examples below demonstrate this. In these cases, it's not so much the color as it is the intangible departure from reality.

Ugly when combined with tacky

No. 23 - Lime green ugliness combined with team spirit tackiness

Ugly is about lime

No. 24 - Ugly is as lime does

No. 25 - Not a mover, let's say, Brooklyn row house - courtesy Mathew Wilson

So there. The top 25 hardest homes on Earth to sell. Well, at least arguably so. These actually just represent the millions of houses worldwide where even the most skilled Realtor would need a drink to even consider listing. We know you have your neighborhood selections, and hope you will forward us your pics/locations for the next list. For the would be Realtor unlucky enough - we hope you sleep well.

Ryan is an entrepreneur. You've probably heard (or read) him talk about "hustle". He is the founder and CMO of @StatsSquared, an analytics company that recently won Indianapolis Startup Weekend, placed second in the Global Startup Battle, and then won the ITMartini competition. He has two startup projects: @Schindigs and @Tag2Do. During the day (rim shot) he does SEO consulting for @DeepRipples and manages a few clients under his own consulting. He helps businesses leverage internet marketing, Facebook, and Twitter, and provides insight on cutting edge technologies across several sectors.
  • 10 comments on “The 25 Toughest Real Estate Sales Worldwide”

    1. #1 spot definitely belongs to the incredible monstrosity that they are calling "house". Proves once again - money can't buy everything - such as taste, or, eyesight, as in this case.

      That building, considering the rest of the skyline, has damaged the property value of the entire city. Imaging waking up in the morning, going out to your high-rise balcony and seeing this - worse than nightmare.

      Ambani house looks like Optimus prime threw up his dinner.

    2. I dont think all of these house are ugly i think a lot of them are artsitc and unique and the one that are looking a lil rough is beacause of this time where everyone is broke and yall should love these places cause no one can afford a buautifull house that meets yall standerds smhh

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