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3 Hidden Ways That a Security System Benefits You (and Everyone Else)

By Guest Author | June 4, 2013

People invest in security systems for many reasons. Each of us experiences the anxiety of being burglarized at some point. Whether we’re two-thousand miles away from home sweet home or startled in our very own beds by a thump in the night, it’s a natural and valid concern to fear the unexpected visitor. But people who choose to maintain their home security through better home security practices and professionally installed systems are investing in much more than peace of mind.

Image courtesy Thomas Hawk via

Image courtesy Thomas Hawk via

It’s Going to Save Your Stuff – Even if a Break-In Happens

One of the most common thoughts that dissuade homeowners from getting a security system is the cost of installing and maintaining it. This cost might seem especially frivolous to homeowners who’ve never been burglarized; but studies have repeatedly demonstrated that houses which appear occupied and equipped with a system are less likely to be burglarized. This is the deterrent effect of good security practices and equipment.

While it’s impossible to account for the value of property that might have been taken or damaged due to deterrence, it is possible to know that even when burglars aren’t deterred by a system, they do less damage when an alarm is in place. According to the Electronic Security Association, the average loss from burglary is $2,100 less when an alarm is present since alarms limits the time burglars have during a break-in.

It’s Going to Cost Less Than You Think

Every home insurance company advocates installing security systems, and they’re often willing to foot part of the bill. The Insurance Information Institute reports that insurance companies usually cover 15-20%, and are often willing to pay increasingly higher percentages for more advanced systems. Insurance companies are also willing to discount 5-10% off of their policy cost if homeowners install gas and water sensors.

Your Neighbors are Going to Thank You (Or At Least They Should)

One of the best hidden benefits to installing a security system is that you’re going to increase the property value of your property and of others in your neighborhood. Remember that benefit of deterrence I mentioned earlier? Keep in mind that crime rates have a great deal to do with the value of your home. And if your home is in an easily accessible, ungated, high income disparity neighborhood, it’s more likely that you’ll have more would-be criminals prowling the neighborhood while the midnight oil is burning.

Keeping crime from your property with improved security measures, and even a professional system, is a surefire way to improve the property value of your neighborhood. Security systems are also incredibly attractive to buyers and renters. With a projected 7 percent increase in demand for security equipment through 2016, home security is an investment that has been catching on with many who want peace-of-mind and a boost to their property value. Whether one wants to install all the bells and whistles or simply ensure that they can do what they can to keep home secure, taking efforts to improve home security is a worthwhile investment – not only to your peace-of-mind, but to your finances and community.


About the author: Ben Thatcher is a DIY home security guy who lives in a ranch in Idaho with his loving wife. He currently writes for Protect America, a provider of security systems.

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