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3 Stress-Free Ways To Make Moving The Easiest Thing You've Ever Done

By Guest Author | September 22, 2016

Moving house is something that we all must do at some point or another. There are plenty of good aspects to moving: it's a chance to change the scenery, keep life interesting, and to obtain a better living condition. There's really nothing like settling into and decorating a fresh new place.

overhead view of couple sitting on floor together using computer wireless internet while moving into new home

But at the same time, we dread the difficulties and challenges that can come with planning a big move. We've all heard horror stories from friends or read online about perils of moving such as lost items, damaged furniture, even missing pets.

Perhaps as a result of this, we can be predisposed to view moving as a stressful time. Now, while moving is certainly not as simple as taking a walk in the park, it also isn't nearly as difficult as popular conception would have us believe. If you find yourself feeling the blues over an impending move and all the tasks that it entails, check out the following list compiled of ways to make moving easier than you could ever expect.

1. Pack slowly over a long period of time

This simple trick is the number one way to avoid that frantic weekend of last minute packing with which we're all familiar. Moving in three months? There's no reason you can't start packing up your books now. The same goes for out of season clothing, little-used kitchen appliances, and treasured mementos. Following this method, you'll find packing to be a much easier task than doing it all at once.

It may sound paradoxical, but the result of allowing yourself to pack over a long period of time ends up being more time that you can spend on other things. When we think that we have to pack up our entire home at once, this daunting task causes us to alternately obsess over the looming move and procrastinate the job of packing. This method is an easy way to short circuit this tendency, helping you to avoid stress.

2. Get a storage unit

If you've followed the advice above and started packing early, then you've doubtlessly come across the issue of where to put all these boxes. Basements can be moldy and space can be limited, and the heat in attics (if you even have one) can damage heat-sensitive possessions. Both of these areas can transmit unwanted odors to clothing and cookware.

A great alternative is to keep your boxes in a self-storage unit. Many places are temperature controlled and monitored on a 24/7 basis, so you can rest assured that your possessions are safe and undamaged.

What can you store in a self-storage unit? Practically anything is eligible. Decatur Self Storage lists the top ten self-storage items as books, furniture, and seasonal items to be among the most common items stored in units.

3. Ask friends and family for help

It can be a lonely task to sort through old belongings. Liven things up by inviting friends and family over to help with packing, sorting or even the actual move itself. It's a great way to spend quality time with friends that you may not see again after the move. Plus, everyone has moved at some point, so most are happy to help when given the chance. Sweeten the deal by ordering some pizza, and everyone will surely have a great time.

As you can see, an upcoming move doesn't have to be stressful. Remember to face each task early on and complete them in small increments throughout the moving process. Follow these simple steps and you'll find yourself celebrating the week before instead of playing catch-up.


About the author: Meghan Belnap is writing on behalf of Decatur Self Storage for Realty Biz News.

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