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3 Tips to Successfully Buy Real Estate

By Jamie Richardson | November 15, 2017

There are some people that you will encounter in life that will lead a lasting mark on you. These are the people whose instructions and inspiration lead to you making a positive difference in your life, sometimes making your dreams come true.

good times for Real estate investors

People like Sam Zherka, a leader in real estate investment, can bring you the influence and wisdom that you need to make your investment fantasies finally have a tangible entry point. He has led many people towards their true potential as property champions, and you can easily follow in their footsteps if you take the time to listen to his simple yet impacting discourse.

Here are three best practices from Sam when it comes to buying real estate:

1. Sam strongly recommends buying upside potential. Simply put, upside potential is the difference between what a piece of property costs now, and what it will cost in the future. Purchasing property is something which one should always factor the future into.

Remember that the property market is something which fluctuates often, and that while a plot of land may have been bought for a handsome sum today, it may not appreciate in value over time.

The opposite will often occur, and you will find that what you thought was a very worthy investment in the present, turns out to be a faulty one in the future. One needs to ensure that they always consult the relevant information regarding the upside potential of whichever site they happen to be looking at.

2. You should purchase properties which can be injected with a massive amount of value, which can be done by increasing the rent you charge following a series of renovating and upgrading efforts.

It is no secret that people will happily pay more for a place with a boosted level of comfort and luxury.

3. When scouting for properties, try to look for ones which have not featured any kind of air right utilization. You should also look for properties that have been repositioned or redeveloped in order to greatly increase their overall value and profitability.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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