7 decorating mistakes that make your home feel smaller

There are numerous subtle, visual clues that can alter the way people perceive the rooms in your home. In particular, the way a room is designed can easily have the effect of making it look bigger, or smaller. While some buyers might prefer a cozier feel, the majority of people don’t want to feel as if their living space is too cramped, so it’s important to know about the following tips and tricks to make a room feel larger.

The following infographic, created by UK property rental platform Wimdu, points out that one of the main culprits for making a room look smaller is furniture. Too much furniture will make a room feel tight, but there are tricks you can use to free up some space and make the room appear larger than it really is. Decorating the room with certain colors can also have an impact – a unified look with matching colors often makes the room look more limited, but mismatched cushions and so on can have the effect of breaking up the repetition and making it seem more roomy.



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