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4 Hacks for Finding the Best Designs for Quartz Countertops

By Jamie Richardson | April 20, 2021

Most people want the main parts of their kitchen to match and look well put together. This means your cabinets, flooring, and countertops should be within the same color scheme to keep your kitchen looking stylish and modern. 

Any feature in your kitchen that is expensive and more permanent should be given a lot of thought before choosing and installing. For example, flooring and countertops are expensive. Most people don’t change these features for years if they even change them at all. 

Appliances and hardware can be changed more easily if you end up wanting to change colors or if something breaks and you need a new one. Our best advice is to take a good amount of time choosing countertops so that they can match the wide majority of other items in your home. If your countertops look good, changing other things in your kitchen will be much easier and cost-effective. 

Quartz countertops come in a wide variety of colors and designs making matching pretty easy. Some people even opt to get a concrete or marble design. Let’s go over some of the best ways to choose the perfect countertops to fit your lifestyle and budget. 

Get samples 

Take pictures of your current kitchen and bring them to the store or designer with you. Even better, try to get samples of your paint and have them on hand. Some people even bring a sample of their cabinetry or a design board that they have created. 

All of these samples will make it much easier to visualize everything at the store. It will also help the workers to assist you in choosing a White Quartz for sale. Once you have selected the quartz, bring the quartz sample with you when choosing appliances and other designs. 

Some people choose to match their designs and décor to the same solid color of the quartz, while others want to choose something contrasting to make more of a statement in their kitchen. If the countertops are not solid, try choosing décor that matches the specks or veining in the quartz. 

This is a very popular method of decorating, especially when it comes to cabinets. Your countertops may be white with brown veining, so choosing to coordinate brown cabinetry would be a good choice. Remember that the cabinets and counters will be touching so try to get them as close to the same color as possible. 

Always keep a color scheme 

Designers recommend that people who are remodeling their kitchen choose two main colors and then one accent color. The third should be a pop of color or another neutral if you do not want any bright colors. 

Some people like to have their colors in mind before they go to the store while others enjoy seeing the options at the store and then choosing them from there. Online resources are also great for creating a board or getting some ideas before leaving your home. Many homeowners use Pinterest to do this.  

Another great way to get started is to pop into your local store and ask for a color wheel. Sometimes having the colors in your home to walk around with and hold up in the kitchen can help you visualize what it would like once installed. 

Once you have your color scheme and your samples, it will be really easy to choose the right one and get started. Meanwhile see some amazing color choices and play with them in various virtual environments.

Lighting is important 

This is another way that a color wheel could be very beneficial. The windows and light fixtures can make a huge difference in how your quartz countertops will look. In general, cool lights and large windows make your kitchen seem larger. If you want it to feel cozier, you may want to choose a warmer color of quartz. 

On the other hand, if your kitchen is small and you want it to look bigger, choose a cool light color tone for the quartz countertop. Try lying samples of your quartz onto the counter and see how light from the windows bounce off it. Leave it there for the whole day so you can see how it looks at various times of the day. 

Also keep in mind that you want your quartz to match your light fixtures and go with the same theme, whether it be modern, rustic, antique, etc. The good news is that light fixtures are easy to replace and often cheap, so you can change them to better match your new countertops. 

Complement with accessories 

Similar to the light fixtures, the small parts of your kitchen can be changed and replaced last to go with your counters. Many people take this time to replace old appliances as well. With new cabinets, quartz countertops, and appliances; your house will feel brand new. 

For decorations, some people choose to go neutral or colorful. Neutral colors can be the same color as your countertops or a different complementing shade that is lighter or darker. For a brighter kitchen, you could use pops of red or green to add some fun. 

Some people also choose to decorate with seasonal items according to a holiday or time of year. This is very easy to do if your counters are a neutral color. Changing your decorations according to the season will make you seem like a professional decorator and make your kitchen look straight out of a magazine. 

Key Takeaways

Getting quartz countertops can be one of the best home decisions you will ever make. They are extremely durable and low maintenance, making the rest of your remodel and decorating process much easier. 

Keep in mind that quartz does not have to be resealed and is scratch and dent-resistant. This makes your cooking and cleaning processes quick and easy. With endless color and design choices, quartz will be the most versatile fixture in your kitchen. 
Spend the most time getting color schemes and samples. Then use your lighting and accessories to choose the best fit for your dream kitchen.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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