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4 Secrets to Getting the Best Deal on a Home

By Guest Author | August 24, 2015

Your home is meant to be a place where you can reside comfortably. It needs to provide both financial and physical security, which is why ensuring that you really are getting the best deal possible in regards to the home you wish to purchase is so important.

4 Secrets to Getting the Best Deal on a Home

Let's examine four of the most important secrets you need to know to ensure you can get the best deal possible when you purchase that new home.

1. Survey the Area

Neighbors are one of those hidden qualities that can make or break your home. Pesky neighbors can not only make your home uncomfortable to live in, but they can also make it incredibly hard to sell your home to someone else when the time rolls around to do so.

Carefully inspect the area before you make any purchasing decisions. Do your best to meet every neighbor, to introduce yourself, and to carefully gauge how neighborly your prospective neighbors are.

2. Less Value Means More Appreciation

One dilemma first-time buyers face is the desire to buy the biggest, newest home for sale on the block. The problem with this approach is that the home has the potential to depreciate far more than an older home that has already depreciated.

The best part about buying a “lower value” home is that it has more room to appreciate. Small additions to your home can result in significantly larger gains, which means that your home may sell at a significant profit margin if you sell it.

Couple this with some of the low-interest loans available from lenders, and it becomes significantly easier to afford a home that needs a little fixing up rather than purchasing a brand new home.

3. Avoid Sleeper Costs When Possible

Most homes come with what is known as sleeper costs. These are the small costs required for you to move in and to fully enjoy your home.

These costs can include cable and phone installation, the connection of utilities, landscaping, tax increases and even the cost of light bulbs.

While it's next to impossible to avoid every one of these costs, you can minimize their impact by taking note of what sleeper costs you will have to pay. This can help you gain a more accurate picture of what the true cost of your prospective new home is.

4. Hire a Home Inspector

Even if you're purchasing a new home, it's always a great idea to hire a home inspector to inspect your home. This may help you be aware of hidden problems, code violations and other things that may need to be fixed before you can even move in to your home.

Knowing about these things will also give you a more accurate estimate of the cost of your home, which in turn allows you to more easily purchase a home that ultimately saves you money rather than costs more than what it's worth.

Getting the Best Value Out of Your Next Home Purchase

Though buying a new home can be a tricky thing, the four secrets listed above will help you save significantly on the cost of your new home. They will help you become aware of hidden costs, look for any hidden problems, and help you assess how viable several homes are when compared to one another.


About the author: Anica is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. She was raised in a big family, so she's used to putting things to a vote. Also, cartwheels are her specialty. If you are looking for a lender in Texas, Sente Mortgage provides competitive mortgage interest rates in Austin that can give you a sense of what is available.

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