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4 Surprising Ways Your Home's Exterior Can Boost Curb Appeal

By Regina Gables | October 24, 2022

Your home's exterior is as important a part of your home as your interior. This means that it's important for you to keep it in a great state and take measures to improve it regularly. Doing this will help you to boost your curb appeal, and there are a number of things that you can do to this end. Read on to see four surprising ways in which the exterior of your home can boost your curb appeal and get motivated to get your outdoor real estate space in shape.

1. You Can Make Your Solar Installation Appealing

If you have a home solar system, this is a great way to take advantage of green energy. All the same, it can leave your home looking less than pleasant if the panels aren't installed with aesthetics in mind. As such, you need to talk to the solar installation professionals working on your home right from the start. Let them know that you'd like to make your installation both functional and pleasing to the eye and find out what they advise you to do in this situation. Keep in mind that a mere five years ago, the most efficient solar panel that you could get was a mere 17% or 18%. In 2020, it became possible for homeowners to get affordable quotes for solar panels in the range of 20% to 23% efficiency throughout the United States.

2. You Can Keep It Clean

You can make your home's outdoor space more appealing by keeping it clean. Come up with a regular cleaning schedule and follow it in order to make sure that your home is always in a great state. A clean home looks as good as it functions, so you can be sure that keeping it clean will make a positive difference in your life. From washing it to getting rid of unused items lying around, there are steps that you can take in order to make sure that your home's outdoor space looks well-maintained and attractive.

3. You Can Install and Maintain the Right Roof

Your roof is a major element of your home, so if it's in a less-than-ideal state, it will affect the way the entire home looks. That said, take time to clean your roof while you clean the rest of the exterior of your house. Remember to also clean the gutters and collect any debris that's accumulated in them over time. This will help it to drain a lot more effectively and also look amazing. If you need to replace the roof completely, you could consider a material like stone-coated steel roofing, which is lightweight at just 1.4 lbs per sq ft, has Class 4 hail impact resistance, a Class A fire rating, and is fully recyclable.

4. You Can Repair Your Driveway

If your driveway hasn't been repaired and sealed in the recommended three to five years, this is the right time to get this done. Doing so will help extend its lifespan and also make it look more amazing. Note that driveways paved with asphalt can last from 12 to 20 years. This is different from concrete-poured driveways, which generally last for up to 30 years. Whatever material your driveway is made of, there are steps that you could take for maximum maintenance. You shouldn't ignore them because they can help you keep your driveway decent and attractive, thereby boosting your entire home's curbside appeal.

Keep these four measures in mind and you may have a great chance of improving your home's curbside appeal. You'll enjoy having a more valuable piece of real estate that's the envy of your neighborhood. You'll soon discover that these measures aren't too difficult for you to maintain, so you simply need some consistency in order to ensure your home's in great condition.

Regina Gables is a Realty Biz News Contributor and a freelance writer. With a background in Journalism, she enjoyswriting on real estate topics such as home buying, real estate technology and opinionated editorials.
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