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5 Challenges To Living In The San Francisco Bay Area

By Jamie Richardson | May 9, 2019

Although many professionals view the San Francisco Bay Area as a beautiful place to live, the city has one of the most challenging living environments. While millennials are moving into the city, they have a tough time in San Francisco. As a professional moving to San Francisco, you need to be aware of these challenges. While you may have heard about unaffordable housing costs and income inequality, you could be missing some valuable information. In this post, you will learn the top challenges to living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

High Rental Prices

Firstly, many residents leave the Bay Area due to the high rental prices. Many millennials move to San Francisco in hopes of fulfilling their career dreams. They assume that they can achieve their professional goals and their lifestyle ones simultaneously. Unfortunately, this is a difficult feat with the high rental prices. When professionals move to the Bay Area before getting a job there, they cannot afford rent of $4,500. Many professionals who do have jobs struggle to make ends meet as it is. Therefore, high rental prices pose a major challenge to living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Traffic Patterns

Numerous professionals agree that San Francisco traffic is a major challenge to living in the Bay Area. In other parts of the country, you only have to worry about a couple of high-traffic times on a daily basis. Usually, professionals hit traffic before 9:00AM and after 5:00PM due to work commutes. This is not the case in the Bay Area. If you leave work to get lunch in the middle of the day, you will hit traffic even in the top areas for sellers. When professionals stay at work late in hopes of missing rush hour, they hit traffic just the same. The roads are always highly occupied in the Bay Area, creating frustration for professionals. Hence, the location's traffic patterns pose a major problem for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Small Living Space

Also, professionals struggle with the small living spaces available in the San Francisco Bay Area. They pay high rental prices for smaller spaces. On top of budgeting issues, those who move from across the country bring a lot of luggage with them. When they arrive in the area, they cannot fit all of their belongings. As a result, they have to pay for personal storage. According to Livible, a San Francisco storage company, “You can get a quick idea of your monthly cost by selecting a popular self-storage unit size”. While full-service storage is convenient and offers safe keeping, it adds to professionals' bills. Look for a reputable storage facility before making your move. Search for the best prices to alleviate some living space-related stress to living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Inconsistent Weather Patterns

Challenges to living in the San Francisco Bay Area include inconsistent weather patterns. Professionals who transfer from the east coast get caught off guard by the constant shifts in temperature. After all, a nice, warm morning in the Bay Area can vanish quickly. The temperature is known to drop significantly after 4:00pm. Furthermore, professionals find themselves uncomfortable during the summer in the Bay Area. Certain parts of the area have consistent sunny days, while others deal with chilly fog. It can be difficult to dress appropriately for work due to the inconsistent weather patterns. If you cannot deal with temperature drops and surprise rain storms, living in the San Francisco Bay Area may not be for you.

Cost Of Living

Finally, the cost of living is a major challenge to living in the San Francisco Bay Area. While housing rates are through the roof, so are costs for other expenses. In some states, you can go out to lunch for under $10. Unfortunately, professionals have a hard time doing so in the Bay Area. Grocery hauls are relatively pricey when compared to other locations in the United States as well. On top of food, gas prices put holes in many workers' wallets. Since you end up waiting in traffic in the Bay Area, you have to fill up your tank rather frequently too. Professionals find living in the San Francisco Bay Area challenging because the cost of living is so high.

Professionals looking to fulfill their career and lifestyle dreams in the San Francisco Bay Area need to understand the major challenges to living there. One of these challenges is the high rental prices for professionals looking for affordable apartments. Also, the inconsistent temperature drops frustrate residents in the area. When professionals drive home from work, they must consider the traffic patterns. Furthermore, they are forced to pay for storage facilities due to the small living spaces available. The cost of living in the Bay Area is more expensive than other locations in the country. Keep these challenges to living in the San Francisco Bay area in mind to prepare yourself.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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